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Norman Reedus Might Have Just Tweeted A Giant ‘Walking Dead’ Spoiler

Are we finally getting a “Walking Dead” wedding?

In what is either a giant spoiler, a marvelous joke, or some bizarre combination of the two, Norman Reedus tweeted out a photo today that raises some interesting questions about what’s in store for his character on the upcoming season of “The Walking Dead.”The pic shows Reedus, decked out in full Daryl Dixon regalia, being… er, attended to by a man we believe is the show’s special-effects guru Greg Nicotero. And then, of course, there’s the caption.
So, what in the name of all that is dead and walking is going on here? We’ve got a few potential theories.

1. “The Walking Dead” is now “The Wedding Dead.”
Picture this: a plotline which not only solves the much-discussed mystery of Daryl Dixon’s sexual orientation, but also satisfies viewers’ longtime lust for a big gay wedding in every sense of the word. Seeing Daryl get married to a guest-starring Greg Nicotero would totally make up for the disappointment of Glenn and Maggie tying the knot off-screen last season, not to mention providing a charming subplot about the challenges of wedding planning in a world full of walkers. We’re thinking zombie innards strung up like garlands; severed head centerpieces; Michonne playing double duty as maid of honor and head security guard; and of course, Daryl stealing the spotlight in a beautiful, formal poncho.

2. Daryl Dixon will give his friends a hand.
Let’s be honest: upon examination of Daryl’s digits, ol’ righty is looking undeniably necrotic. Could he be the show’s latest victim of a limb-specific infection, one which he can only survive with a hasty lopping-off? Let’s just say that it’s possible. Not only is there a precedent for amputation as a life-saving measure in the “Walking Dead” universe, but without revealing too much about potential plot points, it’s common knowledge among the show’s fans that in the original graphic novels, a significant character does lose a hand.

3. Situation normal: blood and guts.
And finally, the theory that’s least fun but most likely: with Daryl well-established as the show’s most prolific zombie-killer (and without any news about Greg Nicotero joining the cast this season) it’s a reasonable guess that this pic shows Reedus receiving some behind-the-scenes SFX attention from the show’s master makeup artist. Why? Probably because he’s just plunged his hand into a walker’s innards and is now covered in goo. You know, for a change.

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The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero: The CFQ Interview

2014-08-22-Greg_Nicotero_TWD_414_GP_1008_0084_410.jpgSometimes doing the job is reward in itself. That’s what it was like for me to talk with Greg Nicotero. From Dawn of the Dead to Breaking Bad, from Army of Darkness to Oz the Great and Powerful, from Hostel to Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, his vivid and creative makeup effects work has brought the fantastic, the grotesque, and the sometimes-just-plain-realistic to a dazzling kaleidoscope of film and TV projects.

That includes The Walking Dead, the blockbuster TV series which scooped up a couple of primetime Emmy awards for Nicotero’s work in bringing the flesh-hungry walkers to gruesome… uh, life? Death? Anyway, in honor of the release of the complete fourth season on DVD and Blu-ray this Tuesday, we got some time with Greg to talk about the finer points of zombie nurturing and care.

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The Walking Dead‘s Greg Nicotero: The CFQ Interview

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Dead Appears on EW Cover; Greg Nicotero Teases Season 5

This week, The Walking Dead shows up on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, while Greg Nicotero teases Season 5 to The Huffington Post, Access Hollywood and Cinefantastique. Plus, Uproxx says the new teaser trailer for Season 5 is “sufficiently frightening.”

Entertainment Weekly puts The Walking Dead on four collectible covers this week and learns from Robert Kirkman that “By minute two or three of our season premiere, I think the vast majority of our questions have been answered, and five or six more have been presented…”

The Huffington Post interviews Greg Nicotero, who teases, “We hit certain milestones from the comic book that are tailored to our show and our characters, and certain storylines that we see in the comic book we will see in various places through Season 5.” Access Hollywood also talks to Greg Nicotero, who says that he kept one of Hershel’s heads and gave another one to Scott Wilson.

• Bloody Disgusting spotlights a new 10-second teaser for Season 5. thinks “it makes things look pretty threatening for Rick Grimes and company,” while Uproxx calls it “sufficiently frightening.”
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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Spoilers: Tom Luse Teases Upcoming Season Will Present Bigger Perspective On Zombie Apocalypse; Greg Nicotero Says More Than 800 Zombies Are Processed In Mid-Season Finale

Sarah Wayne Callies and Andrew Lincoln of The ...

Sarah Wayne Callies and Andrew Lincoln of The Walking Dead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Executive producer Tom Luse recently hinted that the upcoming fifth season of “The Walking Dead” might be deviating from its “micro” perspective on zombie apocalypse as Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his gang head to Washington D.C. to find a cure to the outbreak, Wetpaint reported.

Asked about the most challenging thing about Season 5 in particular in a recent interview with AMCTV, Luse answered, “I think our journey this season, especially at the beginning, is going to show the scale of the world that we’re living in in a way that we haven’t done before. That is the most interesting thing. We’re showing many aspects of what has been going on for the last couple of years that we haven’t had an opportunity to show before.”

In the past four seasons, the show is solely based in Georgia. But now that Eugene (Josh McDermitt) claims he knows something about the cure, our heroes will make their way to Washington D.C. and for the first time will probably see how other urban areas have changed in the past two years since the start of the apocalypse, Wetpaint reported.

Viewers may also get another look at how the epidemic started (like the Season 2 flashback where Shane [Jon Bernthal] and Lori [Sarah Wayne Callies] watched Atlanta being bombed) in Season 5, Episode 1, which is said to give away a lot of back story about Terminus, Wetpaint speculated.

And now that Rick’s group is out in the world in the upcoming season, makeup whiz and fellow executive producer Greg Nicotero said that there would be more walkers in every episode.

Greg Nicotero told Huffington Post Canada that they already finished filming the mid-season finale, and in that episode alone, his makeup team processed more than 800 walkers.

“I haven’t done the tally yet for this season, but being out in the world it’s a little trickier to avoid zombies,” he said of the number of walkers they are about to process for the entire Season 5. “When you’re in the prison, you have a safe haven. The zombies aren’t so much of an everyday occurrence, whereas in this season we’re out in the world at some point so they’re there.”

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

AMC ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Start Date: Producer Greg Nicotero Talks Creating Collectors Items Out of ‘Iconic Walker Moments’ #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

Gregory Nicotero attending the 2007 Comic Con ...

Gregory Nicotero attending the 2007 Comic Con to promote the film The Mist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As fans await Session 5 of “The Walking Dead,” they have the Season 4 DVD to keep themselves occupied.

In an interview with Yahoo TV, Greg Nicotero, producer, director and special effects makeup artist of the AMC zombie hit, discussed how important DVD cases are to the viewer experience.

“What’s fun is every year I get a chance to sort of consult on the design of the DVD case,” he said. “We’re constantly trying to find those cool, fun, iconic walker moments when we get a chance to create a cool DVD and keepsake.”

Nicotero hopes that the DVDs will be a proud part of a collectors’ “The Walking Dead” collection.

“As far as I’m concerned, I want the DVD case to be something that I would buy because I’m a giant collector, and a fan and a nerd all rolled up into one,” he said.

Plus, just like any great DVD, Season 4’s will have plenty of behind-the-scenes action not shown on AMC.

“I had pitched that they do a visit to KNB EFX, and we did a roundtable with myself and all of the makeup artists that work on the show,” NIcotero said. “We talked about what some of our favorite walker moments from the show were, some of our proudest [designs], and we showed some of the behind-the-scenes moments creating those designs. There’s so much that goes into it that viewers don’t even get a chance to see.”

Last week, Monty Simons, “The Walking Dead” stunt coordinator, detailed something else fans don’t get to see: how difficult it is choreographing all those zombie-killing strikes.

“Almost daily as we’re killing walkers, it’s become commonplace to see a walker get stabbed in the head or shot, but each one is its own little work of art,” he said to the AMC blog. “The logistics of a knife being in somebody’s brain and how a hand would hold the knife buried in somebody is all one big choreographed move. Each one of these kills becomes its own little scenario that we have to watch very closely.”

Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” begins on AMC on Oct. 12 at 9 p.m.

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