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The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Will Beth Greene Die in First Half?

Scott Gimple: “I want most characters that die on the show — most of them, not all of them, ’cause there are villains — I want the audience to love them. I want them to feel when they die.”

The Walking Dead Season 4 spent a lot of time on Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), helping fans to know and love her more. But it’s a double-edged sword to get a showcase on TWD. Sometimes it’s a precursor to your end game. Will Beth hear the bell toll in Season 5? It’s been a long time since we heard any filming spoilers about her. Is that a bad sign, or just par for the course when it comes to Beth’s hush-hush storyline?
We know Beth has her own separate thing going on, at least at the start of Season 5, with something happening in a hospital setting. Filming spoilers suggest some crossovers between the hospital action and the rest of the former Team Prison group, with perhaps a big showdown at the hospital in the Episode 8 midseason finale.


No More Gay Talk On The Walking Dead, Put Up or Shut Up


Quite frankly it has been severely played out. We get it Daryl or someone may (or may not) be gay. The truth is we are over it. I cannot tell you how many emails and replies I get here at The Walking Dead Update complaining that every other article has to do with who may be gay.

You should have played the Beth and Daryl story out a little more. At least then you may have kept people’s interest a little longer, and who doesn’t love a romance? If that were for some unknown reason not feasible (this is after all fiction), then playing off the chance of his death will have worked just as well.

It’s like a dog with a bone…it just would not let it go. You received a ton  of exposure (positive at first), but that ship has sailed. People are sick of hearing about it. So it’s time to put up or really just shut the hell up about it. Let me let you in on a little secret, ‘ sometimes people are gay’. WOW, what a revelation that must have been.

If it was a just a publicity blitz, good on you. Yet I’m not sure the response will be positive anymore. If it’s just a stunt, you played it out way too long! The novelty has worn off!

So you AMC execs it’s time to let the cat out of the bag, or just admit there was no cat to start with. We are your fans, WE make the show, not you. We are not your pawns to move as you see fit just to see what happens. It’s time to come clean, the show is almost on and we have waited long enough. Hell, it’s not like it would be a world ending spoiler. Think of it as a gift to all your loyal fans…plain and simple!

I hope this was not too harsh, but I have readers to answer to as well. AND let’s be honest, it really is time for the truth!

– Owner The Walking Dead Update

‘The Walking Dead’: What is going on at the hospital? #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

Spoiler reports posted photos a while back of a hospital that “The Walking Dead” was filming at. There were a lot of theories on what was going on there. More recently, “The Walking Dead” season 5 trailer revealed that Beth was at that hospital and it looks like some weird stuff is going on. Headlines & Global News reported on Aug. 2 some details and speculations regarding Beth and the hospital.

As fans saw in the trailer, Beth was at the hospital. There was a female dressed in a police uniform that didn’t seem to care for Beth too much. She tells her that she is “part of the system” and later, she slaps Beth hard across the face. Beth is seen holding a patient down, who is jerking her head back even though she is strapped down to a bed. It looked like she was either having some sort of seizure or perhaps was receiving electroshock treatments.

What is telling about Beth in the video is her personality change. She doesn’t look emotional, worried or even scared. She looks at the officer with a firmness and doesn’t even flinch when she slaps her. Emily Kinney, the actress who plays Beth, did say in previous interviews that Beth would be stronger. She also said that she hopes someone will save her or that Beth would save herself.

There are theories on the hospital storyline. Some believe that it is connected in some way to Terminus. There are also rumors that the hospital is responsible for kidnapping Beth and perhaps others. The vehicle that took Beth had a cross on the rear window and photos from the set location show that other vehicles have them as well.

Now that the trailer has been released, some theories are changing. It was previously thought that Father Gabriel kidnapped Beth. HNGN wrote that the crosses are connected to the hospital and Gabriel knows what is going on at Terminus. Even though the crosses are like the ones that belong to the Saviors in the comic books, that is not the case in the television series. The website stated that The Spoiling Dead Fans wrote,

“The people of Terminus are dealing with them, including capturing and shipping people off… Train car ‘A’ stands for arrivals and train car ‘D’ stands for departures.”

As for why Beth is at the hospital, one fan thinks that they are doing experiments on innocent people that were being held at Terminus. The fan goes on to say that they might be trying to find a cure and forcing Beth to help. “A” might stand for “arrivals,” as in those who just came to Terminus while “D” means “Departure,” those that are being sent to the hospital.

Another fan thinks that when “the greater good” is mentioned, that she could be referring to the attempts to find a cure. The bandage on Beth’s arm might be where she was injected with samples, that she is a guinea pig.

There are many more theories about Beth being kidnapped and the hospital. What do you think is going to happen on “The Walking Dead” season 5?

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‘The Walking Dead’ season 5: Why Beth will survive and become an asset #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

Walking-Dead-4-Cast-24Beth was kidnapped last season on “The Walking Dead” and fans were left in suspense on who took her, where she went and why. When the trailer for the fifth season was unveiled at Comic-Con, viewers discovered that she was alive. It was also revealed where she was taken. Now people are asking if she will survive her ordeal and if so, will her character evolve as a result of her situation? On Tuesday, Yahoo TV published an interview with producer Greg Nicotero. Even though Beth’s situation wasn’t discussed, there were certain things said that might give clues.

When “The Walking Dead” season 4 cliffhanger was brought up, Nicotero mentioned that throughout the series, little seeds were dropped. He said that the most gratifying part was that every single seed germinated into a great story or antidote. As an example, he used the mystery of who was feeding the rats at the prison and viewers discovering it was Lizzie later on. He explained,

“… every single character has a fascinating story arc. What Carol is willing to do to protect the group, what Rick is willing to do, everybody. So I really feel that we got a fantastic glimpse into each of these characters. And what’s exciting about moving into Season 5 is, we continue that exploration into who these people are, and it’s thrilling.”

Beth was not mentioned, but many consider her to be the weakest character of the show. She was often seen caring for baby Judith, but she never had that many lines or screen time. Then in the second half of season 4, Daryl and Beth were together. He taught her some survival skills, such as using his crossbow, starting a fire and how to track. There were a few small scenes that showed she was becoming a little more confident and was becoming braver when faced with walkers.

There are some characters on “The Walking Dead” that have already demonstrated what they will do to survive. Viewers have seen Rick take a bite out of someone’s throat and Carol murdered two people in an attempt to stop the spread of the flu. She also killed Lizzie because she was a threat to the living, even though she was just a child. Carl, Glenn, Maggie and some others have also shown they will do what is necessary to survive. But one person who hasn’t shown that yet is Beth Greene.

So how can one be so sure Beth will survive? The reason is because her “fascinating story arc” is beginning. It started with Daryl training her out in the wilderness. Then she was kidnapped and the trailer reveals a little bit of her situation. She is seen being slapped across the face by a female officer in the clip. Instead of seeing fear, worry and innocence in her eyes, she has the look of defiance, anger and determination. When she is slapped, she doesn’t look shocked. Instead she appears as if she is expecting it and perhaps it isn’t the first time.

Some of the “seeds” that Nicotero mentioned could be Beth learning how to protect herself and live on her own. She was just starting to become more independent and confident. These things will definitely help her during her abduction and after, if she gets away like the trailer suggests. The fact that she doesn’t even flinch when she is slapped says something about what Beth will be like in “The Walking Dead” season 5. It reveals that she has toughened up a bit and this whole experience could change her forever. Fans might be looking at a brand new Beth when the show returns. One that is an asset, who won’t be afraid to confront people or situations. A character that instead of tagging along, will be more of a true survivor, more of a leader and more of a fighter.

Kinney had an interview a while back. When asked about Beth and her possible reunion with Daryl and Maggie, she said that she hopes someone will save her or that she will save herself. Perhaps fans will see her do just that this season… maybe Beth will end up doing the unexpected in order to save herself.

What do you think about what Greg Nicotero said about seeds leading to fascinating story arcs for every character? Do you think Beth will survive her ordeal at the hospital? Do you agree that there were clues last season that her character might change? Viewers will find out for sure when “The Walking Dead” season 5 premieres on AMC on Oct. 12.

‘The Walking Dead’: Emily Kinney On Beth & Daryl #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

Emily Kinney as Beth Greene (left); Emily's music promo pic (right)

“The Walking Dead” has been taking a deep journey into character development in Season 4, and one face fans have finally gotten to know a lot more about has been Emily Kinney’s Beth Greene.

She went from a teenager trying to put on a thick skin (attempting to shrug it off when her boyfriend, Zach, didn’t make it back from the Big Spot trip), to a girl who – despite being devastated over the loss of her father, Hershel – was able to carry on and carry on with hope.

Paired up with Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), the two characters have bonded over tracking, snake eating, and heart to hearts, like when she helped him shake off some of the guilt he felt over what happened in the prison siege, and last week, when he revealed she’s responsible for giving him back his hope.

As she took a break (at SXSW) from playing songs off of her EP, “Expired Love,” which is being re-released this coming Tuesday, March 18 (on Em-K Music/Thirsty Tigers), Emily discussed Beth’s Season 4 development and what she really thought about that Beth/Daryl dinner table scene from 413, “Alone.” I wanted to start out my ‘Walking Dead’ questions by asking you what you thought about little Lizzie now being the caretaker of baby Judith?

Emily Kinney: Yeah… She’s not necessarily the best (laughs). I don’t know that Beth would approve if she knew how it was going with the baby, but… for me, acting the role of Beth, it’s nice because it frees me up a little bit. My role can change and I feel like one of the things that we established at the beginning of the season was that that was kind of my role – to take care of the baby, to be taking care of certain things in that way. And now, we’re away from the prison and in some ways, there’s not that responsibility any more, so I think that’s probably why Beth is starting to think about, ‘What do I want?’

Access: Do you think Beth taking care of the baby in past seasons helped her regain who she was after the suicide attempt at Hershel’s farm?Emily: Yeah, I definitely think that once she decided that she was going to live on, or fight to live, I think that there’s definitely a sense of, ‘Ok. Well, now I need to fulfill a role,’ and I think within the group in Season 3, you start to see her like, ‘OK, this is my role.’ And it’s like taking care of the baby and doing other things, providing comfort in other ways, even though she’s not necessarily the physically strongest [member] of the group who can fight the zombies and stuff. She’s taking on different roles where she can help.

Access: How old is Beth?

Emily: We established that she’s 18 now, but when we started the show she was 16.

Access: So do we know how old Daryl is?Emily: I don’t know how old Daryl is.Access: Mystery age.