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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Spoilers: Tom Luse Teases Upcoming Season Will Present Bigger Perspective On Zombie Apocalypse; Greg Nicotero Says More Than 800 Zombies Are Processed In Mid-Season Finale

Sarah Wayne Callies and Andrew Lincoln of The ...

Sarah Wayne Callies and Andrew Lincoln of The Walking Dead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Executive producer Tom Luse recently hinted that the upcoming fifth season of “The Walking Dead” might be deviating from its “micro” perspective on zombie apocalypse as Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his gang head to Washington D.C. to find a cure to the outbreak, Wetpaint reported.

Asked about the most challenging thing about Season 5 in particular in a recent interview with AMCTV, Luse answered, “I think our journey this season, especially at the beginning, is going to show the scale of the world that we’re living in in a way that we haven’t done before. That is the most interesting thing. We’re showing many aspects of what has been going on for the last couple of years that we haven’t had an opportunity to show before.”

In the past four seasons, the show is solely based in Georgia. But now that Eugene (Josh McDermitt) claims he knows something about the cure, our heroes will make their way to Washington D.C. and for the first time will probably see how other urban areas have changed in the past two years since the start of the apocalypse, Wetpaint reported.

Viewers may also get another look at how the epidemic started (like the Season 2 flashback where Shane [Jon Bernthal] and Lori [Sarah Wayne Callies] watched Atlanta being bombed) in Season 5, Episode 1, which is said to give away a lot of back story about Terminus, Wetpaint speculated.

And now that Rick’s group is out in the world in the upcoming season, makeup whiz and fellow executive producer Greg Nicotero said that there would be more walkers in every episode.

Greg Nicotero told Huffington Post Canada that they already finished filming the mid-season finale, and in that episode alone, his makeup team processed more than 800 walkers.

“I haven’t done the tally yet for this season, but being out in the world it’s a little trickier to avoid zombies,” he said of the number of walkers they are about to process for the entire Season 5. “When you’re in the prison, you have a safe haven. The zombies aren’t so much of an everyday occurrence, whereas in this season we’re out in the world at some point so they’re there.”

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

TV Quick Hits: ‘Walking Dead’ alum’s new show; ‘Gotham’ previews; ‘Emerald City’ canceled #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

No visit to “Emerald City” – We begin here with the latest news coming out of NBC, which also happens to be rough news for those of you hoping to see the “Wizard of Oz” adaptation otherwise known as “Emerald City”: It is not happening.

According to Deadline, the reason for the show not happening (at least for now) revolves around the fact that the network and the producers at Universal Television could not come together on a vision. The irony here is that this dark version of the classic tale was originally given a straight-to-series order.

Based on reports, it is still very possible that this could be shopped around elsewhere.

Jon Bernthal’s new show – While Jon Bernthal’s first show after “The Walking Dead” did not pan out, there may be a reason to have higher hopes this time.

The actor has signed on to appear in “Show Me a Hero,” a six-hour miniseries from David Simon on HBO all about politics and civil rights despite being generations beyond the revolution of the 1960s. Bernthal would play a Harvard-educated lawyer who worked with the NAACP in a battle against Yonkers, New York, which is the focal point for the project. Winona Ryder, Alfred Molina, and many more are already involved in the project.

Gotham” previews – Do you have some time to dive deeper into the world of “Gotham”? If so, you are probably going to love all of the new videos that we have for you below. Treat them as a nice way to prepare yourself for the show actually premiering on Fox next month.

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Here’s What Happens to Your Career Once You Die on ‘The Walking Dead’ #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

Here's What Happens to Your Career Once You Die on 'The Walking Dead'

Being a season regular doesn’t mean much on a show like The Walking Dead. After all, the hungry zombies can’t play favorites (unless your name is Norman Reedus). After four seasons, AMC’s hit show has claimed the lives of many, many characters, sending out-of-work actors away from the apocalypse and back to Hollywood. Check out what your favorite dearly departed Walking Dead actors — plus Lori and Andrea! — have been up to since biting the bullet.

Merle (Michael Rooker)
Here's What Happens to Your Career Once You Die on 'The Walking Dead'

What he’s been up to since getting shot in the chest: Rooker’s the sort of actor that will just always be around — and we’re not complaining. He’s been working steadily since the mid-80s and his post-Walking Dead career already includes a colorful role as Yondu in Marvel’s summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy

What he’s got coming up: He’s wrapped up Bolden!, also starring Ian McShane, but we’re hoping Yondu will pop up again in the Marvel Universe.

Here's What Happens to Your Career Once You Die on 'The Walking Dead'

Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies)
Here's What Happens to Your Career Once You Die on 'The Walking Dead'

What she’s been up to since getting shot in the head: We weren’t big Lori fans (are there Lori fans out there?), but we still wish Callies luck out there in the big audition world. So far, she’s starred in Into the Storm, a disaster flick with Richard Armitage, aka The Hobbit‘s Thorin Oakenshield.

What she’s got coming up: Doors are so mysterious, right? Maybe Callies will unlock their secrets in The Other Side of the Door, scheduled for a 2015 release.

Here's What Happens to Your Career Once You Die on 'The Walking Dead'

Shane (Jon Bernthal)
Here's What Happens to Your Career Once You Die on 'The Walking Dead'

What he’s been up to since getting shot in the head: Hollywood seems intent on making Bernthal a big star — it’s just taking a little while for the right project to stick. He starred in TNT’s Mob City (which was canceled) and he’s nabbed roles in big-screen films like The Wolf of Wall Street and Grudge Match.

Laurie Holden’s “Fave Pic of All Time” Is This Great Shot With The Walking Dead Cast

Laurie may have been feeling a little nostalgic herself, since she shared this tweet last night, featuring members of the original cast, plus a walker buddy:

Awww. That is an awesome photo. Look at Norman Reedus‘s (Daryl Dixon) short hair and Andrew Lincoln‘s (Rick Grimes) lack of scruff! And it’s always good to see Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori) and Jon Bernthal (Shane) again. Love everyone’s expressions too. It’s sad to think only two actors from this group are still on TWD. It just reminds us that (almost) no one is safe.

Do you miss Andrea/Laurie on TWD? Do you love this photo too?

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