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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 cast, spoilers: Eugene’s back story to be explored


AMC’s highly anticipated ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 will premiere in a month, and fans can’t wait to see what will happen to the lead characters after a major cliffhanger at the end of the previous season.

Meanwhile, new characters will be given more depth, including Dr. Eugene Porter’s backstory which will be prominently featured.

Porter was introduced in the last season with two companions protecting him, Rosita and Abraham, as they searched for a way to Washington, D.C.

Dr. Porter believes that he has the cure for the outbreak and there is little known about his origin. The next season will shed light to his past, as the backstory about him is expected to be explored. (more…)

The Walking Dead Season 5 Filming Spoilers: Eugene, Glenn, Tyler’s New Character, More Spotted

It’s time for another round of Spot The Walking Dead Character on the Season 5 Set!

The cast and crew are still filming the second half of Season 5, and will continue to do so until late November. Last week, The Spoiling Dead fans shared on-set updates, with the following actors/characters seen on location in Georgia: Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Rosita (Christian Serratos), Michonne (Danai Gurira), Carol (Melissa McBride), Tara (Alanna Masterson), Glenn (Steven Yeun), Tyreese (Chad Coleman), the new character played by Tyler Williams, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) and even baby Judith.


‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Spoilers: Tom Luse Teases Upcoming Season Will Present Bigger Perspective On Zombie Apocalypse; Greg Nicotero Says More Than 800 Zombies Are Processed In Mid-Season Finale

Sarah Wayne Callies and Andrew Lincoln of The ...

Sarah Wayne Callies and Andrew Lincoln of The Walking Dead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Executive producer Tom Luse recently hinted that the upcoming fifth season of “The Walking Dead” might be deviating from its “micro” perspective on zombie apocalypse as Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his gang head to Washington D.C. to find a cure to the outbreak, Wetpaint reported.

Asked about the most challenging thing about Season 5 in particular in a recent interview with AMCTV, Luse answered, “I think our journey this season, especially at the beginning, is going to show the scale of the world that we’re living in in a way that we haven’t done before. That is the most interesting thing. We’re showing many aspects of what has been going on for the last couple of years that we haven’t had an opportunity to show before.”

In the past four seasons, the show is solely based in Georgia. But now that Eugene (Josh McDermitt) claims he knows something about the cure, our heroes will make their way to Washington D.C. and for the first time will probably see how other urban areas have changed in the past two years since the start of the apocalypse, Wetpaint reported.

Viewers may also get another look at how the epidemic started (like the Season 2 flashback where Shane [Jon Bernthal] and Lori [Sarah Wayne Callies] watched Atlanta being bombed) in Season 5, Episode 1, which is said to give away a lot of back story about Terminus, Wetpaint speculated.

And now that Rick’s group is out in the world in the upcoming season, makeup whiz and fellow executive producer Greg Nicotero said that there would be more walkers in every episode.

Greg Nicotero told Huffington Post Canada that they already finished filming the mid-season finale, and in that episode alone, his makeup team processed more than 800 walkers.

“I haven’t done the tally yet for this season, but being out in the world it’s a little trickier to avoid zombies,” he said of the number of walkers they are about to process for the entire Season 5. “When you’re in the prison, you have a safe haven. The zombies aren’t so much of an everyday occurrence, whereas in this season we’re out in the world at some point so they’re there.”

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5: How Abraham Ford will change everything

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham Ford on AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” (Gene Page/AMC)

CLEVELAND, Ohio – When Abraham Ford showed up during the second-half of Season 4 on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” he was a forceful breath of fresh air.

His over-the-top persona as a military leader focused on his mission to make it to Washington D.C. harked back to the early days of the TV show, when characters were more loyal to the comic book — Rick wore his police uniform like a second skin. Glenn looked like a teenage pizza boy.

Still, as great as it was to meet a character like Abraham, we have yet to get a look at who he is on the inside. That will change during Season 5, which premieres Oct. 12 on AMC.

A look at the trailer for Season 5, which premiered at this year’s Comic-Con, shows Abraham getting as much screen time as any character other than Rick Grimes.

Amidst all the gunfire and zombie action is a shot of Abraham and Rick acting out one of the most important scenes from Robert Kirkman’s comic book.

Abraham and Rick clash early on over leadership. The former is dead set on getting Eugene to Washington D.C. so he can help develop a cure for the virus. The latter is more concerned about the safety of his children and the rest of the survivors.

Rick and Abraham were bound to come face-to-face at some point on the TV series and it appears Season 5 will highlight that moment.

The situation causes Abraham to let his guard down for the first time as he bonds with Rick over the losses both have experienced.

Eventually, Abraham becoming Rick’s right-hand man, which could make Abraham very important to how the TV series progresses.

For the first time since Shane’s death, the burden of leadership and tough decisions on Rick’s shoulders is finally lightened. This frees Rick from the emotional weight that made his character nearly unbearable during the first half of Season 4.

It appears in the trailer that we’re going to get a taste of the old Rick with a bit of edge to him. Thank goodness.

Abraham’s increased role could affect other characters as well. With the entire cast coming together and no longer being limited to individual story lines, it’s inevitable that someone (if not multiple people) will have to die. The obvious candidates are Bob, with online rumors already predicting his death, and Sasha, who appears to be detaching herself from the group in order to secure her own survival.

In the comic book, Abraham’s prominence coincides with the demise of Tyreese. Though, Tyreese’s role in the television series hasn’t quite lived up to his importance the comic.

At best, Abraham’s increased importance could cause a shift in the group’s hierarchy as Daryl struggles with the loss of Beth and possibly reconnects with Carol, while Tyreese bonds with his sister, Sasha.

What’s clearly obvious is that Abraham will be essential to the group’s survival at Terminus. Rick doesn’t trust Gareth and vice versa. So it will be necessary for Abraham to help convince both Rick and Gareth of their mutual interests.

Lastly, the longer “The Walking Dead” goes on, the more important Abraham will become. If the goal for the first half, and possibly the second half, of Season 5 is to head to Washington D.C. then Abraham will continue to be a key figure.

Every great character has a moment where they question themselves and their future. Readers of the comic book series already know how the road to Washington D.C. turns out. If the TV show sticks to that scenario, we’ll get to see every facet of Abraham’s character.


The Walking Dead Season 5 Will Show “Scale of the World” Like Never Before


The Walking Dead (season 2)

The Walking Dead (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Walking Dead Season 5 is about halfway through the filming process, but it won’t wrap up until November. At this point in the story we’re about two years into the zombie apocalypse. (Halfway through Season 4, right after the prison battle, Greg Nicotero estimated that it had been about a year-and-a-half since “the turn.” You have to figure a few months went by in the second half, since the characters started wearing heavier clothes.)

Executive producer Tom Luse just had a Q&A with AMCTV and hinted to maybe getting a different perspective on the ZA than the micro look we’ve had in the past four seasons. Asked about the most challenging thing about Season 5 in particular, Tom answered, “I think our journey this season, especially at the beginning, is going to show the scale of the world that we’re living in in a way that we haven’t done before. That is the most interesting thing. We’re showing many aspects of what has been going on for the last couple of years that we haven’t had an opportunity to show before.”

Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: Rick Grimes Speeds Down the Train Tracks in The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 16: “A”

We haven’t seen any of the world outside our own little Georgia group — in downtown Atlanta, at the farm, the prison, the pudding house, the grove, etc. We got a taste of the big picture at the CDC in Season 1, and Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) claims to have answers about a cure, but what has been happening out there, beyond small groups scavenging on a day-to-day basis?

Tom’s “especially at the beginning” line makes it sound like there’s either a Terminus connection or he means the first half of Season 5, which could include an attempt to reach Washington, D.C. for Eugene’s “mission.” Maybe we’ll start to see how other urban areas have changed in the past two years of dead-ness. Season 5, Episode 1 is meant to give us a ton of Terminus answers and we’re supposed to see the story of Terminus, so maybe we’ll get another look at the start of the outbreak, like in that Season 2 flashback where Shane and Lori watched them bomb Atlanta. The S5 trailer showed Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) at a hospital place, and Gareth(Andrew J. West) seemed to show interest in Bob Stookey’s (Larry Gilliard Jr.)  cure talk, so perhaps Season 5 will also delve deeper into the big picture aspect of trying to stop the ZA instead of just surviving around it.

Tom also noted that TWD has become a year-round job for the team. “Sometimes we prepare the new season before the previous season is over,” he said. “As we’re traveling, we have to prepare new locations. Zombies do not provide lawn services or leaf blowers — and the goal is to have our world look as if the world has been shut down for a couple of years — so in a way, we’re making a period film. We have to keep that world fresh for our audience. In order to do that, we have to be planning ahead.”

Filming spoilers have shown where they’re planning to go next, but are you excited to get a look at the scale of the world in Season 5, to see what else has been going on in the past two years?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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