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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5: Denise Crosby Describes Mary As ‘Real Determined, Soulful Woman’


What is Mary (Denise Crosby) cooking is one of the greatest mysteries of Season 4? Many believed that she might be cooking Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), but that was just a wild rumour as she was spotted in the San Diego Comic-Con trailer as well as the latest one titled “Never Let Your Guard Down.” “The Walking Dead” Season 5 will showcase Mary, a character specially introduced for the TV show.


Denise Crosby talked to Moviepilot about Mary in the new season of “TWD” and how she feels to be a part of AMC’s hit zombie show.

Moviepilot asked if she is going to come up with a backstory for Mary.

“You’re going to find that as the season begins these moral conflicts will come out, this real determined, soulful woman that she is. This is the beauty of how Scott Gimple writes, he goes for these very deep, layered, human obstacles that they’re up against, and the stories we tell ourselves to make the world seem right. It was an interesting process because so little is revealed to you as you’re coming to the show and between seasons because they’re so protective of everything- I had to really sit down with Scott and have him talk to me at length about Mary and about Terminus, and about what it all really means.”


Comic-Con: See ‘Walking Dead’s’ Norman Reedus and Gale Anne Hurd as the Men in Black (Video)

Producer Hurd, 58, has been a genre mainstay for decades thanks to Terminator, Aliens and, now, AMC’s The Walking Dead. Reedus, 45, is a crucial member of Dead‘s non-zombie ensemble.

Do you get to hit the convention floor? Have you ever gone in disguise?

Reedus: The last time I went, Steven [Yeun, who plays Glenn on Dead] went as Spider-Man and I went as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. I think people caught on to us.

What are fans like when they meet you?

Hurd: Incredibly respectful because no one’s going to have a heart attack because they met me. I’m always impressed that they know I’ve done work besides The Walking Dead. (Laughs.) When someone says, “I loved Terminator” or “I loved Aliens,” that really touches me.

As a fan, is there anyone you geek out over?

Reedus: Oh, man. Last Comic-Con, I took a picture with the dude from Yo Gabba Gabba! and Anthony Bourdain. The three of us. That was kind of my favorite picture.

What’s the thing that needs to happen for it to feel like Comic-Con?

Reedus: You know what feels the best? When we have our cast onstage with our producers and the showrunner, and we’re looking out at people and they’re applauding and asking great questions. It feels like the band’s back together.


Dead Appears on EW Cover; Greg Nicotero Teases Season 5

Video – Behind-the-Scenes Look at the The Walking Dead Season 5 Locations

The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-Locations-Video-560Surviving the apocalypse is a herculean task, but as the crew of The Walking Dead can attest, creating one can be just as difficult. In this new video from the Season 5 production, Location Manager Michael Reilly describes the process of transforming a pristine Georgian environment into one suitable for the end of the world. “To us, it’s about controlling where we are,” he says. “Everything has to be trashed and burned out.” Check out the video now to see what he’s talking about, and to get a glimpse at some of locations featured in the upcoming season.



The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 12 9/8c on AMC.

Watch the ‘Walking Dead’ cast prank Andrew Lincoln

walking_dead_ver20_xlgThe Walking Dead cast is like one big happy family. But that doesn’t mean these folks are above having some fun at each other’s expense. Just take our Entertainment Weekly Walking Dead cover shoot, for example. During a hot summer day on the Terminus set — where the shoot took place — we asked the actors to tell us something about Andrew Lincoln that he doesn’t want anyone to know. We weren’t sure if they would answer that. After all, Andrew Lincoln is a swell guy! Everyone loves Andrew Lincoln! Would they really betray his trust like that? It turns out they were all too happy to comply.

Comic-Con: See Chris Hardwick as Marty McFly From ‘Back to the Future’ (Video) #TheWalkingDead #TW

Comic-Con’s most valuable emcee — he’s moderated panels like The Walking Dead and Marvel — also is the host of Comedy Central’s Emmy-nominated game show @midnight. And Hardwick, 42, is the mastermind behind the Nerdist podcast — which has welcomed A-listers such as Tom Hanks, Tina Fey and Thomas Tull (whose Legendary Pictures is the parent company of Hardwick’s Nerdist Industries).

What was your first Hall H panel like as a moderator?

It was the one where there was the stabbing a couple years ago. It was for the movie Paul. We were about to go on — me and Sigourney Weaver and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost — and they go, “OK, everyone back up to the green room. There was a stabbing.” And we’re like, “What? Was it a mace?” “No, it was a mechanical pencil.” Like, of course it was a mechanical pencil.


Your most surreal Comic-Con moment?

I don’t process it during Comic-Con, but the Monday or Tuesday after, it’s like, “Holy shit. I met Harrison Ford. Did Tom Cruise and I sing a Foreigner song in Hall H? I dreamt that, right?” The green room for Hall H is insane. “There’s Daniel Craig talking to Harrison Ford. There’s Ian McKellen; Sigourney Weaver just walked in, and there are five more of the most famous people in one room.”