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Walking Dead Season 5 Speculation: How Do Carol, Tyreese, Judith Reunite With Group?

6aed4-walking-dead-season-5-air-date-spoilers-daryl-glenn-rickThe Walking Dead season 5 trailer is out, but one part that isn’t clear is how Carol, Tyreese, and baby Judith reunite with Rick and the larger group.

As of the end of season 4, Rick and company are trapped in a boxcar at Terminus. Carol and her crew are walking toward Terminus on train tracks.

Fans over at the Spoil of the Dead forum have been speculating how the action goes down. Check out some of the top theories below.

1. Carol is definitely gonna come in and kick all of their asses. I think the first scene will be them watching Rick and them being put into the box car. Then maybe they’ll find the bag of guns Rick buried. Ty will probably help but Carol will most likely do most of the work. Since Ty can’t shoot well and he has to hold Judith. I bet most of the termites die in the first episode except Gareth.

2. They’ll be separated at Terminus. There were only men in the slaughter room, and FWIW the quick shot of Termites clearing their fences were all women. I think that Carol starts a chain reaction either with the explosion or by other means and members of the group get free and go on to find free others until all hell has broken loose. I hope they show some kind of reaction shots of Tyreese while this is going on, even with Judith it’ll be hard to sit still with all the chaos and everyone’s lives in the balance.

3. Ty is still injured from the prison shootout, he doesn’t like killing and he ain’t letting go of that baby. My guess is that Ty stays with Judith while Carol does the heavy lifting of either leading the walkers to overrun Terminus or causing an explosion or explosions to distract the Termites and help the group escape.

4. In this interview, around 3:07, they say there is a surprise at the end of episode one – so I assume it’s the two group reunions.

5. Instead of Ty and Carol seeing them heading into the train car, maybe they see Rick and the others being taken to wherever they are going to be killed. Whatever it is, it seems to me it needs to be a quick and definite show to them that Terminus is bad and Rick and the group are in mortal danger.

6. I think Carol covers her self in mud or walker guts. And sets the explosion and then they all meet up in the woods later. I think that Carol and Ty hear the gunfire and then see the men being taken from the train car. Then she sneaks in and rescues the others and then the others rescue the men. And Carol finds Ty and that is when they are by the stream in the trailer. Then Daryl sees or hears them and then they are all reunited.

7. At the conclusion of “The Grove,” I believe Ty said they were 3-4 days out from Terminus. Since this was what? A day? After the events of Still and Alone (as suggested by the fire they see the day after while in the grove.) So I’m guessing they are maybe a few hours behind Rick/Daryl/Carl/Michonne. Perhaps they saw the events that transpired, or overheard the gunshots? OR they came upon the bag of guns and noticed Rick’s python in the bag then concluded that Rick and co. were there.

8. The theory for me is that Ty and Carol see them being dragged out of the train car, then they go back to the woods to figure out their plan. From the trailer, I think Carol will lead in walkers, and Ty will be watching Judith/possibly sniping from a distance. There’s a shot in the trailer of Rick shooting people, turning, then lowering his gun, maybe that’s him spotting Carol helping?

9. Carols going in with the herd. In trailer she appears to be a walker but scene is blurred by AMC as to keep most guessing. In the trailer of her dressed as a zombie she is carrying a gun underneath her clothes in right hand/side. Its also her in the pic of the woman in the bushes covered in Georgia red mud and blood. The guns are not dug up by her.

10. I think Carol and Tyrese will be more thoughtful in their approach to Terminus. They are the third group to arrive at Terminus – and we know that the third time’s the charm.

They will see the messages Maggie’s left for Ben and other signs they recognize along the way so that they’ll have a good indication the team is at Terminus. I’m betting they hear the gunfire and see walker hordes more actively moving in the direction of sounds. I think Carol and Tyrese cover themselves and Judith in walker blood so that the horde moves past them.

I think the captive group have select a few to create a distraction so that the others can escape and go after the weapons Rick buried. Michonne, Carl, and Maggie will make a run for the weapons. They’ll have to fight through hordes to get to their weapons – and they’ll use whatever they can find. I think this is when Michonne will find the double edge knife thingy.

I don’t think they’ll reunite with Carol and Tyrese until after the full group escapes Terminus.



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