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The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoiler: Maggie and Glenn Are in Danger! (PHOTOS)

The Walking Dead actors Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) may agree their respective characters function better when they’re trapped at Terminus together as opposed to freely roaming the world apart, but a new set of photos from Season 5 might alter their opinions. Things aren’t looking so great for neither Glenn nor Maggie!

In one snapshot from the upcoming season, Maggie is in a warehouse of some kind with walkers right behind her. She’s heavily armed and her new locale is easily an upgrade from a dark train car, but by no means is she free and clear. One walker is looking for a bite and even though we know Maggie could take him, something about the look on her face tells us there’s more going on here than meets the eye.

The green and white walls in the background seem to indicate that we’re still at Terminus (creepy candle room, anyone?) and Maggie is glaring at something that has piqued her interest outside the frame. Did she discover the truth about whether or not the Termites are cannibals? Is Gareth putting her through some kind of test? Is that gaze directed at her boo, Glenn?

Speaking of Glenn, another photo from Season 5 shows him in a similarly tough situation. Like Maggie, Glenn is facing down several walkers. While one stands directly in front of Glenn, the former pizza delivery dude seems more interested in the undead fella to the left. He looks a bit worried (though we bet he’s glad he’s got that gun in his hands) but more than anything he seems curious about something offscreen.

What’s going on with these two lovebirds? Should we be concerned? Feel free to share your thoughts and theories below!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5: Lauren Cohan Talks Maggie Pregnancy

Maggie And Glenn Might Have A Baby On 'The Walking Dead'

Will The Walking Dead fans finally get their zombie baby?

Viewers haven’t seen an undead infant yet, but it’s something that you know The Walking Dead is going to unveil eventually. Unfortunately, there might be a possibility that Maggie will give birth to the zombaby.

According to Inside Pulse, Maggie and Glenn might take a big risk by trying to have a baby. Lauren Cohan got the Gleggie baby buzz started up again at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto. She was asked about rumors that Maggie will be pregnant when The Walking Dead returns in October, and of course she refused to give a yes or no answer.

“There are a lot of people who read the comics and you can appreciate that the show does divert from the comics. There is a lot in store for all of us. I think this season features more monumental change for all of us on this stage.”

Maggie already has a baby in The Walking Dead comic books, so it’s definitely possible that she’ll end up pregnant at some point on the show. However, Lauren Cohan was careful to point out that the AMC series doesn’t always follow its source material. Perhaps Glenn will die before he can get Maggie pregnant, or maybe their baby will be born but will have to be sacrificed to bloodthirsty zombie god Robert Kirkman along with Daryl Dixon. The Walking Dead TV series could simply reverse what happened in the comics by letting Maggie keep her husband but lose her baby.

Maggie and Glenn would certainly be taking a big risk by trying to have a baby during the zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead fans saw what happened to Lori during childbirth, and baby Judith was lucky to survive her mother’s emergency C-section. With no doctors or medical equipment, the Gleggie baby will have to be a real fighter (and hopefully it won’t turn out to be a biter).

Fortunately, the survivors might find a whole hospital full of medical equipment during season 5. The Gleggie baby rumors started back in June when The Spoiling Dead Fans reported that a “popular AMC show” was looking for an old sonogram machine to use on the set. It’s possible that the group of survivors will head to a hospital in search of this machine after discovering that Maggie is pregnant. However, it’s also a possibility that Beth has been abducted by some weirdos who are running a human breeding program. The Walking Dead Comic-Con trailer did show Maggie’s sister in a hospital setting.

Do you think that The Walking Dead would dare to have one of the female survivors give birth to a zombaby? And do you think that Maggie, Glenn, and their rumored child will all survive season 5?

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, October 12 at 9pm ET/PT on AMC.

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‘The Walking Dead’ stars Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan talk Glenn and Maggie


Glenn and Maggie spent a good chunk of last season of The Walking Dead trying to find each other. They finally did! Annnnnnnd then they promptly got captured at Terminus. Well, that kind of sucks.

So that begs the question: Are Glenn and Maggie better off being safe but separate, or trapped together? And when a question begs, we ask it, so ask it we did of the actors who play Glenn and Maggie — Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan. Which scenario would Glenn and Maggie prefer? “That a good question,” said Cohan while taking a break from her EW Walking Dead cover shoot. “Are they better together but in peril, or separately but free? I think that really Maggie and Glenn are better together. Even if it’s the most perilous situation you know that they’ll find a way out of it — or at least you hope that they’ll find a way out of it. They spent a lot of time trying to find each last year — it’s like, no more!”

Really, even though the people at Terminus may be cannibals and Glenn and Maggie may be their next meal? Yep, agrees Yeun. “I think the preference is to be together regardless of whether the circumstances are difficult,” he told us at the EW photo shoot. “At the least, you’re with the person that matters the most to you in this world. At this point, what your world has become — that is your world. Your world is who your with. The world is the people that you love. If it’s not with them, the what’s the point of continuing on?”

We’ll see if that philosophy works out for the couple when the show returns on Oct. 12. In the meantime, click on the video player below to see Cohan and Yeun share their thoughts on Maggie and Glenn and get a behind-the-scenes peek at their killer EW photo shoot.

‘The Walking Dead’ season 5: Speculation on finding Beth

The Walking Dead (season 2)

The Walking Dead (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The second half of season 4 of “The Walking Dead” showed Beth being kidnapped. Viewers were disappointed when no hints on who took her or why were revealed on the season finale. Some fans thought that she was dead while others had theories about Father Gabriel. Now that everyone knows Beth is alive, there are theories on whether she will be found or not. On Aug. 12, WetPaint posted a speculation on who might search for Beth Greene.

Last season, viewers saw all the characters separated after battle with the Governor. Maggie was determined to find Glenn and he didn’t give up on her either. Eventually they found one another and everything in the world was right again. But now that Beth has been taken, will she be found? Daryl tried to track her, but eventually gave up hope. If he couldn’t find her, will anyone be able to?

“The Walking Dead” season 5 trailer revealed that Beth is still alive, but not exactly in the best circumstances. She has been taken to an old hospital and has been told that she is part of a “system.” Things don’t look too pleasant there and at one point in the trailer, a female, dressed in a cop uniform slapped her across the face. Judging by the hardened look on Beth’s face, it seems that it probably wasn’t the first time she was mistreated.

When season 4 ended, Maggie didn’t even know that her sister was kidnapped. She is bound to find out in the first episode, though. Maggie and Daryl, along with several other members of Team Prison found themselves reunited at Terminus. The question of Beth’s whereabouts is sure to come up and Daryl will have to tell her what happened.

Maggie isn’t one to give up hope, though. She didn’t give up searching for Glenn even though Sasha told her that he was probably dead. She not only searched for Glenn, but left messages written in blood and told him to go to Terminus.

There were viewers who were confused why she spent so much time and energy looking for Glenn and not her sister. The two had been separated after Team Prison fled their “home.” Lauren Cohan addressed this at Comic-Con. reported that Maggie’s reasoning was that she hoped Beth would be with Glenn. The last time Maggie saw Glenn was on the bus at the prison. Beth was supposed to get the children on the bus, but because of the events that took place, neither character was on the bus when it sped off from the prison. Cohan explained,

“I think that Glenn, along the line, has been established as this watcher and caretaker of a lot of people. He was taking the more dangerous missions for the good of the group and I think that what we’d hoped the audience would understand [is] that if she finds him, that he would be with her and he would somehow be protecting everybody that had been lost when we ran out of the prison, and definitely that it’s — you’ll see this year.”

Maggie is definitely going to want to search for Beth after they get out of Terminus. Chances are, Glenn will help her. But now the question is will they find Beth or will the imprisoned Greene escape? Emily Kinney said in an interview that she hopes someone saves Beth or that Beth will save herself.

From the trailer, it appears as if Beth is surviving and Daryl taught her a lot, too. “The Walking Dead” season 5 clip also shows her running from the hospital, so that is a clue that she might get away if they don’t catch her. Fans are speculating that she will at some point be reunited with the group. Her current situation is going to make her stronger, so don’t be surprised if she not only saves herself but also finds Team Prison on her own. Chances are she won’t be the emotional girl fans remember, but might just turn out to be a much stronger and more evolved character when the zombie series returns.

Do you think Maggie and Glenn will search for Beth? Do you think she will be saved or will Beth save herself? Fans will find out more when “The Walking Dead” season 5 premieres on AMC on Oct. 12.


Will Glenn Help Maggie Find Beth in The Walking Dead Season 5?

16Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) is one of the great heroes of The Walking Dead. He saved Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) life in Season 1; went down a creepy well and got Lori’s (Sarah Wayne Callies) crap at the pharmacy in Season 2; saved himself from a walker attack in Woodbury (with his hands behind his back!) in Season 3; and fought his way through walkers to get back into the prison after the Governor battle in Season 4, then fought his way back out of the prison to find Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan). And that’s when he was half-dead from the “glorified cold”!

Glenn’s search plan worked, thanks in large part to Maggie — a truly unsung hero — who had the quick mind to use blood to leave messages for him on Terminus signs. Walker blood for Walker Bait!

Some viewers chided Maggie for focusing so much on finding Glenn and not that much on finding her sister Beth Greene (Emily Kinney). But at Comic-Con, Lauren Cohan told reporters (via that part of Maggie’s reason for trying to find Glenn was the hope that her sister might be with him. (After all, Maggie last saw Glenn on the prison bus, and Beth’s job was to get kids on the bus. Turns out, neither one of them took the bus — which was lucky for them, in the end.)

As Lauren explained it, “I think that Glenn, along the line, has been established as this watcher and caretaker of a lot of people. He was taking the more dangerous missions for the good of the group and I think that what we’d hoped the audience would understand [is] that if she finds him, that he would be with her and he would somehow be protecting everybody that had been lost when we ran out of the prison, and definitely that it’s — you’ll see this year.”

What will we see this year? Maggie and Glenn currently have the problem of getting out of Terminus, but at some point it looks like they do get out, and Maggie must eventually hear from Daryl (Norman Reedus) that he last saw Beth alive. She’s probably going to want to follow that lead, especially if she hadn’t actually given up on Beth in Season 4, she was just hoping Beth was under Glenn’s wing.

So maybe watcher/caretaker/protector Glenn will help to lead a rescue mission?

Also at Comic-Con, Steven told reporters Glenn had no idea of his potential in the beginning, but as he’s gained the respect of the group, he’s gained more respect for himself. “I always thought this and I hope I’m not wrong, but Glenn is the sum of all the people. You hear the adage that you are the sum of the five people closest to you, and I feel like there are so many people that have touched Glenn, influenced Glenn, to become the person that he is.”

Hopefully Glenn will continue to evolve, since we don’t want him (or Maggie) to leave us yet. Gleggie just reunited! Do you think they will team up to find Beth in Season 5? Daryl last saw her outside that funeral home type place in Season 4, but we just saw her at some hospital place in the Season 5 trailer. Will they be able to connect the dots and track her, or will our new sheriff in town be the one to find her way to them?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.