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When Is The Walking Dead Season 5 Midseason Finale?

We know, we know, The Walking Dead Season 5 hasn’t even kicked off yet (that happens on October 12 at 9 p.m. ET) but it’s never too early to start planning ahead with an action-packed show such as this one, so that got us thinking about the midseason finale, which almost always leaves us at the edge of our seat. More specifically, when can we expect the TWD Season 5 midseason finale to air? Read on for our theories and best guess!

As we said, Season 5 formally kicks off on October 12 after a tough nearly seven-month absence, and based on what AMC has done in years past we’re fairly confident we’ll get seven additional one-hour installments following the highly-anticipated season opener. The first eight episodes of the season typically run uninterrupted (as they did last year) but there’s always a small chance AMC might elect to air a two-hour episode and/or then decide to air a rerun one week. Remember, there were rumors that the Season 5 premiere might be supersized, though it now appears that was just wishful thinking on our part.

Season 5 runs uninterrupted in two eight-episode halves as we suspect, the calendar of TWD events should look something like this:

Season 5, Episode 1 (season premiere): October 12 at 9 p.m. ET

Season 5, Episode 2: October 19

Season 5, Episode 3: October 26

Season 5, Episode 4: November 2

Season 5, Episode 5: November 9

Season 5, Episode 6: November 16

Season 5, Episode 7: November 23

Season 5, Episode 8 (midseason finale): November 30

For some additional context, remember that TWD Season 4 kicked off on October 13, 2013 and the midseason finale aired on December 1.

While we don’t have any episode titles yet (though we can expect the premiere’s moniker to be revealed any day now) this certainly seems like a reliable schedule for the first half of the season. What’s more? Our tentative calendar puts the midseason finale just three days after Thanksgiving, making for one hell of a week!

Speaking of the overall structure of the fifth season, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd recently said, “We always have one sort of overarching arc, but there are distinct natural ends to particular arcs that fall during the midseason finale and pick up again in the midseason premiere.”

Does our proposed schedule make sense to you, or did we forget something? Tell us your own thoughts and theories below!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.


Here’s An Awesome Map Of The Most Liked TV Shows In Every State


A healthy serving of television is as much a part of the American diet as breakfast cereal. There are literally thousands of channels, and that’s not even to mention all the options popping up online.Here at the Movoto Real Estate Blog, we like to rank things, and if you show us a color-coded map we’ll be happier than a “Game of Thrones” fan after the Purple Wedding. That being said, we decided to make a map and narrow down our choices from 1 million to only those most popular shows right now in every state, based on Facebook Likes.You can see the results above, and we’ll go into more detail below.

How We Created This Map

To put this map together, we had to don our “NCIS” hats and do some serious investigating.

We researched the number of Facebook users in each state who have Liked, with a capital L, each of the most popular shows on today.

In choosing these shows, we went with the top 10 network shows for 2013 by viewership numbers, the top basic cable show (“The Walking Dead”), and the top premium show (“Game Of Thrones”).

Note that these were all non-competition/non-reality/non-news programs.

After we wrapped our investigation, we put on our nerd pants (which are kind of like the blue ones Howard wears on “The Big Bang Theory”), popped the data into a spreadsheet, did some number crunching, and came up with this awesome map.

Now that you’ve seen the behind the scenes of this map, let’s take a closer look at each of the five most Liked shows, starting with the absolutely killer “The Walking Dead”.

1. The Walking Dead

It almost doesn’t seem fair to include “The Walking Dead” on this map.

Not only is it a post-apocalyptic horror drama about flesh-eating zombies and survivors, but it’s also on AMC, which for those of you who don’t know, is one of those magic network that spins screenplays into gold.

This show was the most popular in a vast majority (29) of the states. There’s no pattern here, we promise you. It’s just a good show.


If you’ve ever seen an episode of this show, you know that it will keep you on edge—and in nine states across the nation, people’s blood pressure must be skyrocketing.

Those nine states were:

Seven out of of the nine that Liked “NCIS” more than any of the others on our list are in the South, two are in the Northeast, and the amount of Likes ranges from 3.91 percent of the population in Mississippi to 6.32 percent of the population in Maine.

3. The Big Bang Theory

What do you get when you add two physicists, an engineer, an astrophysicist, and a waitress? Well, aside from your run of the mill dinner party in San Francisco, you get “The Big Bang Theory”.

Surprisingly, the show wasn’t the most popular in Nerdville—or, rather, California—but it was the most Liked out of any show in seven states:

In Iowa, for example, 4.92 percent of the state’s population Liked the show, in Missouri, 4.68 percent, and in Minnesota, 4.15 percent.

4. The Blacklist

The folks in five of 50 states are crazy for this new NBC drama.

In Alaska, 6.48 percent of the total population have Liked “The Blacklist” on Facebook. That’s a larger portion of the population than either states that Liked “NCIS” or “The Big Bang Theory” the most.

Apart from Alaska, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and Idaho all also Liked “The Blacklist” more than any of our other shows. And what do these places all have in common? I don’t know—ask James Spader?

5. Person of Interest

Delaware may be one of the smallest states, but when you consider the fact that 8.02 percent of the total population there Liked “Person of Interest” on Facebook, well, that’s like 70,000 people. That’s a lot of John Reese fans.

It was the only state that Liked this show more than any of the other shows, but hey, you’re still new, “Person of Interest”. No need to get all paranoid, create a super powerful mass surveillance computer system to accurately predict viewer behavior, and then start offing people who find out about it…

In the Game of Ratings, You Win Or You Die

In this Game of Ratings, there was a clear favorite in “The Walking Dead”, some that could use a bit of a “Resurrection” with the Facebook audience, but, overall, each of these 12 shows are winners, as they’re all the most popular on air today.

And as we all know, in the Game of Ratings, you either win or you die… and by die, we mean you won’t make it onto our awesome, colorful map of America’s most Liked shows. Sorry,
Sister Wives”. Maybe you just need more zombies.


TV Fight Club: ‘Game of Thrones’ vs. ‘The Walking Dead’

They’re both cable TV shows going into their fifth seasons based on beloved source material. They’re both dark, dire ensemble dramas with supernatural elements that mercilessly kill off favorite characters, and are hugely popular with record-setting ratings and passionate fandoms. But only one—HBO’s Game of Thrones or AMC’s The Walking Dead—can be crowned the better show.

Which will win? Here’s a case for both, then I’ll turn this over to you, the EW reader jury.

Why Game of Thrones should win: There’s a reason Game of Thrones has more Emmy nominations this year than any other series on TV—and The Walking Dead gets, like, nods for sound editing. Thrones has elevated George R.R. Martin’s near-impossible-to-produce novels onto a level of cinematic storytelling that’s utterly unique to the TV landscape. Thrones‘ writing and acting, in particular, often rank up there with all-time best TV dramas.
Character wise, there’s nobody on TWD that compares to the likes of Tyrion Lannister or Arya Stark, and certainly no action sequence that rivals the battle of the Blackwater or Castle Black. The ambitious global disaster premise of TWD feels hamstrung by its basic cable budget—who wants to spend a whole season on a boring farm or a prison when you can spend it in King’s Landing and The Wall and Slaver’s Bay and the Riverlands? Likewise, TWD‘s revolving door of showrunners has often made it feel like it’s creatively lurching in different directions with every season. Plus, as brutal as Thrones is about killing off characters, at least there’s some hope — TWD seemingly has no light at the end of its long dark zombie-filled tunnel.

And really: How many times can you watch some sweaty survivor stab a walker? Thrones has zombies plus White Walkers plus direwolves plus dragons.

Why The Walking Dead should win: In case you haven’t looked at the ratings, TWD has already won—it’s the highest-rated show on TV, by far. And who cares what the old folks at the TV Academy like; they thought the first season of Showtime’s Homeland was better than the epic fourth season of AMC’s Breaking Bad, and apparently don’t even know who Tatiana Maslany is.

TWD presents a post-apocalyptic vision of humanity on a death march that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It also elevates the overworked and typically cheesy zombie genre into high drama. Unlike Thrones, you can actually follow this story without having a map, glossary, and character list handy. And there are more characters on TWD that you actually like—Rick’s gang are hardly saints, but they’re not (mostly) murderous sociopaths either. Sure, Thrones has more fantasy creatures, but since when is more better? Tyrion on trial doesn’t even seem like it’s on the same show as Bran fighting skeleton creatures. The Walking Dead, however, has a tense, focused story that’s hitting more evocative notes under new showrunner Scott M. Gimple.

Oh, one more thing: Norman Reedus.


What You Wish Would Happen on the Walking Dead

Prepare for Walking Dead’s finale by reliving your favorite scenes — or, at least the scenes that would have been your favorites.