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Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers, Trailer, Premiere, Characters, Plot And Latest News: Could Daryl Be Hinting Of A Bloody Fate That Awaits Him Or Could It Be Rick’s

The Walking Dead (season 2)

The Walking Dead (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have the latest for you on the spoilers, trailer, premiere, characters, plot and latest news of the Walking Dead season 5. Set to premiere this October 12th, the Walking Dead season 5 will see Rick Grimes and his people having to encounter survivors of Terminus. Though details about the new season are scarce, producers have promised fans that if they are looking forward to this new season, they have a lot in store for them for it has some crazy plot points that will have them edged to their seats.

A sequence of photos, uploaded on a tweet feed posted by Norman Reedus who plays the role of Daryl, reveal or give a hint of what is to be expected in the season. In one of the photos, Reedus can be seen with make-up artist and producer, Greg Nicotero in one of the take scenes.

“Nicotero n I just got hitched,” one tweet said. “I said yes,” Reedus tweeted a few hours later. “Divorced,” the final tweet said.

In the photos tweeted, all show Reedus hands in some sort of bloody effect which is a hint. Going back to the comic series one can understand the hint as it’s similar to Rick Grimes’s first encounter with the governor which in turn had him have one of his hands chopped off. Seeing as how things turned out, it seems that one of the characters might suffer the same fate as Rick, an amputation but according to the tweets it looks like it is Daryl’s fate. But maybe it’s just Reedus playing around with the minds of the fans as the last tweeted picture depicts a ringed finger. (more…)

The Walking Dead is getting a real pinball machine, it uses a crossbow to fire the balls


The Walking Dead television show is getting a pinball machine, Stern Pinball told Polygon today.

The machine will be based on the AMC television show and feature a playfield based on the overarching struggle of a group of survivors pitted against a world turned zombie.

The pro version of the game, which sells for $5,995, includes zombie bash toys and some familiar locations, like Cell Block C. The limited edition version of the machine, which sells for $8,595, will also include tiny toys based on designs from the show, like a bicycle girl and a fish tank with an illuminated zombie head. Most impressive though is the way players will shoot the ball in the limited edition version.

“A giant crossbow comes out of the front of the machine, it literally slides out, and you can fire pinballs anywhere on the field,” said Jody Dankberg, Stern’s director of marketing and licensing. “It’s going to be a really fantastic looking and playing game.

“It has some really cool toys on it.”

Dankberg said the tiny toys on the table were created with the help of Gregory Nicotero, a special effects creator whose work has appeared in The Walking Dead, Predators and the original Day of the Dead.

“He’s a master sculptor,” Dankberg said. “He did all of the toys for us.”

John Borg, the machine designer and technician behind classic pinballs like Star Wars, Guns N’ Roses and Twister, is doing the design for the table and Lyman Sheats, a programmer whose work includes Tommy Pinball Wizard, Medieval Madness and AC/DC, is in charge of programming.

“It will feature familiar scenes and familiar characters from the show,” Dankberg said. It won’t include any voice work from the actors, he added.

The Walking Dead pinball is one of six machines Stern Pinball has planned through 2015, Dankberg said.

“We are in the middle of a pinball renaissance right now,” he said. “We came in about five years ago, near the end of 2009, with a group of venture capitalists to help turn the company around along with some of the founders. Things have grown drastically since then.

“When I walked into the factory five years ago it was dead silence. Now we create 250 to 350 machines a day.”

Dankberg called the creation of hand-made pinball tables a “fascinating symphony of talent.”

Over the years, the drop in widespread pinball sales lead to a shift in what sort of machines were created. Nowadays it’s unlikely for a pinball creator to make a machine not based on a licensed product.

“We can’t afford to really have a big miss,” Dankberg said. “They need to be based on an A+ title that is recognized here and around the world.

“If we tell someone we have a pinball about guys flying around in space, they’ll tell us to send them two. If we say have have a Star Trek pinball, they’ll say send us 80.”

Like all of their machines, Stern’s The Walking Dead pinball required a designer to create a barebones version of the game, free of paint and decorations, just to see how the game shoots and the parts fit together. Then they’ll have to add speech, music, light shows, rules and logistics.

“They have to figure out what is fun. How do you make it fun for a guy who is a novice but also fun for a tournament player,” he said. “It’s a delicate balance. Like creating a giant Rube Goldberg machine.”

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Norman Reedus Might Have Just Tweeted A Giant ‘Walking Dead’ Spoiler

Are we finally getting a “Walking Dead” wedding?

In what is either a giant spoiler, a marvelous joke, or some bizarre combination of the two, Norman Reedus tweeted out a photo today that raises some interesting questions about what’s in store for his character on the upcoming season of “The Walking Dead.”The pic shows Reedus, decked out in full Daryl Dixon regalia, being… er, attended to by a man we believe is the show’s special-effects guru Greg Nicotero. And then, of course, there’s the caption.
So, what in the name of all that is dead and walking is going on here? We’ve got a few potential theories.

1. “The Walking Dead” is now “The Wedding Dead.”
Picture this: a plotline which not only solves the much-discussed mystery of Daryl Dixon’s sexual orientation, but also satisfies viewers’ longtime lust for a big gay wedding in every sense of the word. Seeing Daryl get married to a guest-starring Greg Nicotero would totally make up for the disappointment of Glenn and Maggie tying the knot off-screen last season, not to mention providing a charming subplot about the challenges of wedding planning in a world full of walkers. We’re thinking zombie innards strung up like garlands; severed head centerpieces; Michonne playing double duty as maid of honor and head security guard; and of course, Daryl stealing the spotlight in a beautiful, formal poncho.

2. Daryl Dixon will give his friends a hand.
Let’s be honest: upon examination of Daryl’s digits, ol’ righty is looking undeniably necrotic. Could he be the show’s latest victim of a limb-specific infection, one which he can only survive with a hasty lopping-off? Let’s just say that it’s possible. Not only is there a precedent for amputation as a life-saving measure in the “Walking Dead” universe, but without revealing too much about potential plot points, it’s common knowledge among the show’s fans that in the original graphic novels, a significant character does lose a hand.

3. Situation normal: blood and guts.
And finally, the theory that’s least fun but most likely: with Daryl well-established as the show’s most prolific zombie-killer (and without any news about Greg Nicotero joining the cast this season) it’s a reasonable guess that this pic shows Reedus receiving some behind-the-scenes SFX attention from the show’s master makeup artist. Why? Probably because he’s just plunged his hand into a walker’s innards and is now covered in goo. You know, for a change.

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The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero: The CFQ Interview

2014-08-22-Greg_Nicotero_TWD_414_GP_1008_0084_410.jpgSometimes doing the job is reward in itself. That’s what it was like for me to talk with Greg Nicotero. From Dawn of the Dead to Breaking Bad, from Army of Darkness to Oz the Great and Powerful, from Hostel to Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, his vivid and creative makeup effects work has brought the fantastic, the grotesque, and the sometimes-just-plain-realistic to a dazzling kaleidoscope of film and TV projects.

That includes The Walking Dead, the blockbuster TV series which scooped up a couple of primetime Emmy awards for Nicotero’s work in bringing the flesh-hungry walkers to gruesome… uh, life? Death? Anyway, in honor of the release of the complete fourth season on DVD and Blu-ray this Tuesday, we got some time with Greg to talk about the finer points of zombie nurturing and care.

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The Walking Dead‘s Greg Nicotero: The CFQ Interview

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Dead Appears on EW Cover; Greg Nicotero Teases Season 5

This week, The Walking Dead shows up on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, while Greg Nicotero teases Season 5 to The Huffington Post, Access Hollywood and Cinefantastique. Plus, Uproxx says the new teaser trailer for Season 5 is “sufficiently frightening.”

Entertainment Weekly puts The Walking Dead on four collectible covers this week and learns from Robert Kirkman that “By minute two or three of our season premiere, I think the vast majority of our questions have been answered, and five or six more have been presented…”

The Huffington Post interviews Greg Nicotero, who teases, “We hit certain milestones from the comic book that are tailored to our show and our characters, and certain storylines that we see in the comic book we will see in various places through Season 5.” Access Hollywood also talks to Greg Nicotero, who says that he kept one of Hershel’s heads and gave another one to Scott Wilson.

• Bloody Disgusting spotlights a new 10-second teaser for Season 5. thinks “it makes things look pretty threatening for Rick Grimes and company,” while Uproxx calls it “sufficiently frightening.”
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