Up until the end of the fourth season, The Walking Dead’s Michonne was an intense katana-wielding badass shrouded in mystery. She’s still an intense intense katana-wielding badass, but now there’s a little less mystery. Season 4 revealed the story of Michonne’s son and boyfriend in the episode “After.” A flashback in the form of a freaky dream showed her toddler son Andre, her boyfriend Mike, and their friend Terry before the zombie apocalypse. And in the Season 4 finale, she told Carl how Mike and Terry were responsible for her son’s death and were the “pet” zombies she had when she was first introduced. But now that we know her back story, how will it affect Michonne’s interactions with Rick, Carl, and the rest of the group in Season 5?

Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne, didn’t give much away about the dream scene when it first aired, but viewers were left to believe that the two men in it were the chained protector zombies she escorted around. The dream was in the aftermath of the Governor’s raid on the prison. Separated and alone, Michonne went back to her old ways and created two new zombie pets to help conceal her. Then she had the unfortunate chance to run into Hershel’s zombiefied severed head. A day wrought with emotions (what day in the zombie apocalypse isn’t?), it made sense that her dreams later would contain the loved ones from her earlier life, including her son, Andre Anthony.