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Revisit – Norman Reedus (Daryl from The Walking Dead) Reads Romantic Texts ­Messages #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

Jimmy Fallon asks The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus to read a sampling of texts offered through the BroApp.

Norman Reedus Shows Off Hot New Walking Dead Guitar Design In Cool Selfie

Is Norman Reedus a good fit for Silent Hill?

By now you likely know the story of P.T., the interactive demo released for PS4 during Gamescom 2014 that turned out to be a teaser for the next Silent Hill game, entitled Silent Hills. The teaser revealed that the game will be a joint collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, and that it will star Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus. That’s some serious star power, but will a real actor like Reedus be able to live up to the digital performances of Silent Hill’s past?

One could look back at Reedus’s filmography for reference — a selection of minor roles and a cult following thanks to Boondock Saints — but we all know it’s his role as Daryl Dixon that landed him the job as new protagonist of Silent Hill. His troubled but lovable hillbilly character is one of the show’s highlights, and certainly Reedus’s best work by quite a large margin. I wouldn’t call Daryl Silent Hill protag material, though, especially when you compare him to the more muted heroes of the series past.

From Harry Mason in the original game, to James Sunderland in Silent Hill 2, all the way to Murphy Pendleton in Downpour, the leading roles of the series have always been plain, ordinary, soft-spoken guys. They’re everymen with dark issues at their hearts. Daryl certainly has his share of darkness, and he keeps to himself, but placed beside Silent Hill’s men he may as well be a clown on a unicycle juggling flaming chickens. He is a well-defined character, where Silent Hill’s protagonists are boring and ill-defined by design. They’re meant to be ciphers to a certain extent, allowing anyone in the audience to place themselves within the role and suffer alongside them.

Silent Hills Norman Reedus

Place Daryl directly into Silent Hill’s world and make him the star, and you may run into issues. If your playable character is larger than life, than the scares lose some of their bite. Suddenly his dilemmas are a bit less relatable, and the character is no longer “you” but someone else. That works fine for many games, but the most enjoyable horror protagonists of the past have always been relatable. They’re regular people like you or I, reacting to a terrible situation in the same way you’d expect.

That said, the game industry is maturing at a rapid rate. What passed as a perfect Silent Hill protagonist in the past may come off as “yet another generic white guy” in our more diversified culture. A plain, white, male “cipher” may be relatable for me, a white male, but it isn’t for a bunch of other people. Maybe it’s time the generic cipher role dies altogether.


Silent Hills PS4 Release Date: Guillermo Del Toro And Hideo Kojima To Take Horror Title To The Next Level; Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Excited For Role

Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro are ready to scare everyone as they take on a collaborative effort on the upcoming game Silent Hills, which expected to have a release date soon.

As reported by, Kojima promises to make everyone “s*** their pants” when the new game is released.

“The one thing that I can say about Silent Hills, and this is something I’ve been discussing with Guillermo del Toro as well, is that originally we were thinking of making a game that would make you pee your pants, but at this point we’ve changed our minds, and now we’re aiming for a game that will make you s*** your pants.”

“One thing that you have to keep in mind is that, if a game is too scary, people just won’t play it. If it gets too scary you just keep your eyes shut and soon it will be over. But if it’s a game, people will just stop. So that’s why there’s a limit on how scary you can make a game.”

“But in this case we’re totally ignoring that and, you know what? If you don’t want to keep on playing through the game, so be it. We don’t care. That’s the game we are aiming for.”

The game was officially named “Silent Hills” at Gamescon 2014, which was previously called “P.T.” to surprise fans in the said event.

The official announcement was made with this Silent Hill teaser.

Despite being directed and created by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, Silent Hill will be casted by The Walking Dead’s “Daryl Dixon”, Norman Reedus to play as the main character in the story.

Silent Hills is expected to be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC in the next year, though no official announcement of the release has been revealed yet.


It’s Time to Endulge in Some ‘Silent Hills’ Fan Theories


I’m going to assume that you’re familiar with the big Silent Hills reveal that dropped earlier this week, so we’re going to skip the recap and dive right into the good stuff. Despite our knowing next to nothing about the game, other than its being a collaborative effort between game designer Hideo Kojima and filmmaker/creature creator extraordinaire Guillermo Del Toro that will star Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead). Oh, and it’s coming to PS4. I’m sure it’ll arrive elsewhere, but only Sony’s platform is official. All that isn’t stopping the Internet from coming up with its own wacky theories for a game that’s still very much an enigma wrapped in a Kojima-made mystery.

In an effort to better understand what Silent Hill’s long-awaited return will be about, some folks are banding together to try their darnedest to come up with explanations for the more mysterious bits.

Take the number 204863, for example. The six digit number is repeated numerous times during the P.T.demo, with nary an explanation offered to hint at what it could mean. Redditor crunchtimestudio has an idea as to what it could mean.

Also I had an interesting find with the number 204863. Not only is it similar to Kojimas D.O.B as many have pointed out (24/08/63), but a quick Google search of the number leads here.

Why is this interesting? Well, the number describes the genome for a plant called Populus Trichocarpa (PT) – actually a tree that grows in the Northwest United States. Also, the header of the page is also Plant Transcription (again, PT). May be a bit tenuous, but perhaps a hint at the games intended locale? The Washington area would be a good fit for Silent Hill – its rainy, foggy and forested.

So Washington is a potential location for Silent Hills — if the title has any real significance, it could potentially be one of many locales. Crunchtimestudio continues his predictions with some thoughts on the title (I also touched on this.).

I think the title is a clue as to what the game will entail. Silent Hills – as in plural – I think will refer to the meta-story of there being a personal ‘Silent Hill’ for everyone, like we have seen with the game series so far. i think the game will deal largely with this ‘multiple universes’ theme, as we have seen hinted at in PT:2

‘The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?’

It’s somewhat clear from the P.T. teaser that the bad stuff is happening to multiple people. At the end of the demo, the voice on the radio mentions his being murdered by his father. The voice goes on to say that he’ll be coming back, and that he’s bringing “his new toys” with him. This brings to mind the story of Alessa Gillespie, the young girl from the original Silent Hill. She endured quite a bit of trauma that led to her using the powers of the deity inside her to form the Otherworld. This is just a theory, but it sounds like this voice on the radio was murdered, and now he’s seeking revenge. His “new toys” may be the monstrous denizens of Silent Hill.

But that’s just my own theory.

Redditor Dreamtrain has his own:

If it’s going by the usual theme that the town’s supernatural whatever-it-is tests the people it gets a hold over then I think it will have to do with the crime that we see in the teaser.

We have dad, who spiraled into alcoholism and this forced his stay-at-home wife to get a job to pay the bills, she was apparently just a pretty face and managed to get her part time job and win her boss’ favor with her looks. Her marriage being in shambles, she ends up cheating on her husband and gets pregnant with her boss.

Husband finds out, goes ballistic and murders everyone, not without first slashing his wife’s gut open and killing the fetus, then once he kills everyone, he hangs himself.

The voice we hear might be the fetus (there’s a part where it speaks through the fetus) or rather, the town’s obscure shit conjured up what or who the baby could’ve been, he describes his stepfather as a “meh kind of guy” who just up and went to kill everyone (fetus probably isn’t aware he’s a bastard child) though he doesn’t cares he got aborted cause he was dying of boredom anyways (in the womb), the next part sounds childish saying he’s “bringing his new toys with him”, as if implying he’ll make of Silent Hill his playground.

Now Norman, how does he get caught in this mess? He may be the one who got the wife pregnant, kinda sucks that her twisted soul stalks and kills him in the demo.

I think the thing I like the most about that is the idea of a vengeful fetus.

If you’d like to join in on the discussion, you can find more thoughts in the Silent Hills predictions thread on Reddit. There are some solid explanations there, but if it’s an in-depth analysis of the reveal you’re looking for, YouTuber DreamcastGuy takes the cake with his video.

Coming up with theories — some crazy, others not so much — is fun, but in the end we really have no idea what this game will be about. I’m sure the main game will play nothing like the teaser, which was in the first person and a little on the repetitive side. I really do believe Silent Hills will build on what Vatra accomplished with Downpour and be another open-world game. Hopefully, Konami will throw us all a bone and shed some light on the game soon. I can only rely on theories like the ones above for so long.

Here’s the Silent Hills teaser that was unlocked upon completing the P.T. demo, if you’d like to watch it again. I’ve watched it maybe a dozen times by now, and while I haven’t learned anything new with each subsequent viewing, seeing it again and again still manages to get me excited for what’s to come.