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‘The Walking Dead’ season 5: Why Beth will survive and become an asset #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

Walking-Dead-4-Cast-24Beth was kidnapped last season on “The Walking Dead” and fans were left in suspense on who took her, where she went and why. When the trailer for the fifth season was unveiled at Comic-Con, viewers discovered that she was alive. It was also revealed where she was taken. Now people are asking if she will survive her ordeal and if so, will her character evolve as a result of her situation? On Tuesday, Yahoo TV published an interview with producer Greg Nicotero. Even though Beth’s situation wasn’t discussed, there were certain things said that might give clues.

When “The Walking Dead” season 4 cliffhanger was brought up, Nicotero mentioned that throughout the series, little seeds were dropped. He said that the most gratifying part was that every single seed germinated into a great story or antidote. As an example, he used the mystery of who was feeding the rats at the prison and viewers discovering it was Lizzie later on. He explained,

“… every single character has a fascinating story arc. What Carol is willing to do to protect the group, what Rick is willing to do, everybody. So I really feel that we got a fantastic glimpse into each of these characters. And what’s exciting about moving into Season 5 is, we continue that exploration into who these people are, and it’s thrilling.”

Beth was not mentioned, but many consider her to be the weakest character of the show. She was often seen caring for baby Judith, but she never had that many lines or screen time. Then in the second half of season 4, Daryl and Beth were together. He taught her some survival skills, such as using his crossbow, starting a fire and how to track. There were a few small scenes that showed she was becoming a little more confident and was becoming braver when faced with walkers.

There are some characters on “The Walking Dead” that have already demonstrated what they will do to survive. Viewers have seen Rick take a bite out of someone’s throat and Carol murdered two people in an attempt to stop the spread of the flu. She also killed Lizzie because she was a threat to the living, even though she was just a child. Carl, Glenn, Maggie and some others have also shown they will do what is necessary to survive. But one person who hasn’t shown that yet is Beth Greene.

So how can one be so sure Beth will survive? The reason is because her “fascinating story arc” is beginning. It started with Daryl training her out in the wilderness. Then she was kidnapped and the trailer reveals a little bit of her situation. She is seen being slapped across the face by a female officer in the clip. Instead of seeing fear, worry and innocence in her eyes, she has the look of defiance, anger and determination. When she is slapped, she doesn’t look shocked. Instead she appears as if she is expecting it and perhaps it isn’t the first time.

Some of the “seeds” that Nicotero mentioned could be Beth learning how to protect herself and live on her own. She was just starting to become more independent and confident. These things will definitely help her during her abduction and after, if she gets away like the trailer suggests. The fact that she doesn’t even flinch when she is slapped says something about what Beth will be like in “The Walking Dead” season 5. It reveals that she has toughened up a bit and this whole experience could change her forever. Fans might be looking at a brand new Beth when the show returns. One that is an asset, who won’t be afraid to confront people or situations. A character that instead of tagging along, will be more of a true survivor, more of a leader and more of a fighter.

Kinney had an interview a while back. When asked about Beth and her possible reunion with Daryl and Maggie, she said that she hopes someone will save her or that she will save herself. Perhaps fans will see her do just that this season… maybe Beth will end up doing the unexpected in order to save herself.

What do you think about what Greg Nicotero said about seeds leading to fascinating story arcs for every character? Do you think Beth will survive her ordeal at the hospital? Do you agree that there were clues last season that her character might change? Viewers will find out for sure when “The Walking Dead” season 5 premieres on AMC on Oct. 12.

AMC ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Start Date: Producer Greg Nicotero Talks Creating Collectors Items Out of ‘Iconic Walker Moments’ #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

Gregory Nicotero attending the 2007 Comic Con ...

Gregory Nicotero attending the 2007 Comic Con to promote the film The Mist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As fans await Session 5 of “The Walking Dead,” they have the Season 4 DVD to keep themselves occupied.

In an interview with Yahoo TV, Greg Nicotero, producer, director and special effects makeup artist of the AMC zombie hit, discussed how important DVD cases are to the viewer experience.

“What’s fun is every year I get a chance to sort of consult on the design of the DVD case,” he said. “We’re constantly trying to find those cool, fun, iconic walker moments when we get a chance to create a cool DVD and keepsake.”

Nicotero hopes that the DVDs will be a proud part of a collectors’ “The Walking Dead” collection.

“As far as I’m concerned, I want the DVD case to be something that I would buy because I’m a giant collector, and a fan and a nerd all rolled up into one,” he said.

Plus, just like any great DVD, Season 4’s will have plenty of behind-the-scenes action not shown on AMC.

“I had pitched that they do a visit to KNB EFX, and we did a roundtable with myself and all of the makeup artists that work on the show,” NIcotero said. “We talked about what some of our favorite walker moments from the show were, some of our proudest [designs], and we showed some of the behind-the-scenes moments creating those designs. There’s so much that goes into it that viewers don’t even get a chance to see.”

Last week, Monty Simons, “The Walking Dead” stunt coordinator, detailed something else fans don’t get to see: how difficult it is choreographing all those zombie-killing strikes.

“Almost daily as we’re killing walkers, it’s become commonplace to see a walker get stabbed in the head or shot, but each one is its own little work of art,” he said to the AMC blog. “The logistics of a knife being in somebody’s brain and how a hand would hold the knife buried in somebody is all one big choreographed move. Each one of these kills becomes its own little scenario that we have to watch very closely.”

Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” begins on AMC on Oct. 12 at 9 p.m.

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Moviepilot Applauds Michonne; Steven Yeun Wins Drunk History Kudos #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

This week, Moviepilot declares that Michonne is The Walking Dead‘s best character, while Paste compliments Steven Yeun for his role in a recent episode of Drunk History. Plus, Greg Nicotero sits down with Yahoo TV. Read on for more:

Moviepilot makes the case for why Michonne is The Walking Dead‘s best character.

Paste reviews the most recent episode of Drunk History (“arguably one of the series’ best”), applauding Steven Yeun, who “has just the right mix of give-it-all scrappiness and expert comic timing to rise to the challenge…”

• Greg Nicotero tells Yahoo TV how much he likes helping to design The Walking Dead DVD cases, noting, “We’re constantly trying to find those cool, fun, iconic walker moments when we get a chance to create a cool DVD and keepsake.”
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‘The Walking Dead’ Producer Greg Nicotero And Norman Reedus Promise Crazier Walkers In Season 5

With roughly two months before “The Walking DeadSeason 5 premiere, fans of the hit AMC post-apocalyptic drama have already been spoiled with several details about the upcoming installment, but a few pieces of information have been dished about the show’s ever-present threat – the walkers.

Viewers of the show were promised last year that walkers in Season 4 would step up and they really did, according to Unreality TV.

But series’ executive producer Greg Nicotero, along with actor Norman Reedus, told Zap2it during group interviews at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that the walkers this upcoming season are going to be a lot crazier.

“There’s crazy walkers this season,” said Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon in the show. “Oh my god. We just did some stuff that was insane. Like, insane. I’m constantly blown away by this team over here.”

“We’ve done some stuff this season that far exceeds even the burn walkers, the crispy guys – and the well walker, the moss walker that’s trapped under the tree – I feel like those were all sort of appetizers to some of the stuff we’ve done [in Season 5],” Nicotero teased. “I love putting those little things in there.”

Nicotero added that after the third season of the show one of his biggest concerns was to make sure that the walkers would remain a relevant threat to every character. “If you have a monster and you take its teeth out, it doesn’t really serve much of a purpose anymore,” he explained.

Nicoreto is apparently proud of one scene in the Season 5 trailer, in which some of the walkers are showed being washed away with a fire hose. And since the pressure of the hose is so high, the walkers drop to the floor, and get shredded to pieces.

“It’s never been done,” Nicotero said. “I defy anyone to tell me there’s a movie where they use a fire hose to blast zombies into pieces. I do really feel like the show elevates those moments, and those moments are fun and exciting. We have a lot of those this season.”

Speaking of the show’s Season 5 trailer, Nicotero told Yahoo TV that they were very conscious that they did not want to give too much away. He also said that they decided to let the fans know that Beth (Emily Kinney) is alive primarily because they wanted to “open up the world.”

“The Beth bit was something that came up later in the process of doing the trailer, because we wanted to open up the world,” he explained. “The world of ‘The Walking Dead’ is really important to us in terms of always keeping it fresh. And we see a bit of Terminus and we see a bit of the church, and as we were editing the trailer, we were like, ‘Wait, we have some great moments that we can tease: being in an urban environment and getting into opening up our world.'”

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 premieres on Oct. 12 on AMC.