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AMC ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Start Date: Producer Greg Nicotero Talks Creating Collectors Items Out of ‘Iconic Walker Moments’ #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

Gregory Nicotero attending the 2007 Comic Con ...

Gregory Nicotero attending the 2007 Comic Con to promote the film The Mist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As fans await Session 5 of “The Walking Dead,” they have the Season 4 DVD to keep themselves occupied.

In an interview with Yahoo TV, Greg Nicotero, producer, director and special effects makeup artist of the AMC zombie hit, discussed how important DVD cases are to the viewer experience.

“What’s fun is every year I get a chance to sort of consult on the design of the DVD case,” he said. “We’re constantly trying to find those cool, fun, iconic walker moments when we get a chance to create a cool DVD and keepsake.”

Nicotero hopes that the DVDs will be a proud part of a collectors’ “The Walking Dead” collection.

“As far as I’m concerned, I want the DVD case to be something that I would buy because I’m a giant collector, and a fan and a nerd all rolled up into one,” he said.

Plus, just like any great DVD, Season 4’s will have plenty of behind-the-scenes action not shown on AMC.

“I had pitched that they do a visit to KNB EFX, and we did a roundtable with myself and all of the makeup artists that work on the show,” NIcotero said. “We talked about what some of our favorite walker moments from the show were, some of our proudest [designs], and we showed some of the behind-the-scenes moments creating those designs. There’s so much that goes into it that viewers don’t even get a chance to see.”

Last week, Monty Simons, “The Walking Dead” stunt coordinator, detailed something else fans don’t get to see: how difficult it is choreographing all those zombie-killing strikes.

“Almost daily as we’re killing walkers, it’s become commonplace to see a walker get stabbed in the head or shot, but each one is its own little work of art,” he said to the AMC blog. “The logistics of a knife being in somebody’s brain and how a hand would hold the knife buried in somebody is all one big choreographed move. Each one of these kills becomes its own little scenario that we have to watch very closely.”

Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” begins on AMC on Oct. 12 at 9 p.m.

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