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The Walking Dead Season 5, 7 New Photos Released

The Walking Dead Season 5 Daryl Dixon

AMC has been releasing new photos for The Walking Dead Season 5 across various websites, and we’ve complied them together all in one place for easy viewing. The first photo comes via Entertainment Weekly, and it features Daryl Dixon peering through plastic (maybe the type you find hanging down in a slaughter house). Dixon has his crossbow drawn, so he looks like he is expecting trouble.

The second photo comes via IGN, and it features Tyreese and Sasha, who appear to be on the lookout for trouble. Tyreese has a pair of binoculars and Sasha has a rifle in hand. At least, they have been reunited, which is a good sign.



The Walking Dead Season 5 Said To Be ‘Terrifying’ As New Teaser Video Released (WATCH)

The fifth season of The Walking Dead is set to be more intense than ever, and now fans have been treated to yet another promo, which reveals even more of the action from the new series.

The latest trailer includes footage that shows Gareth saying, “I just hope you understand we didn’t want to hurt you,” before Rick Grimes gets dark, threatening to kill someone and whispering, “No matter what anyone says, no matter what you think, you are not safe.”

Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, spoke to TVLine about what fans can expect from the upcoming series. “The band is back together,” he said, explaining that Season 5 finds the survivors reunited at Terminus.

The band is back together, but for how long? (The Walking Dead/Facebook)

“All of these people have had really different journeys to Terminus, and, as a result, they’re different people than they were,” added showrunner, Scott M. Gimple.

“It’s decidedly more intense than coming back to high school after summer vacation.”

And with the season four finale leaving the gang locked inside a train car by a bunch of cannibals, Scott promises that the beginning of the premiere will feature “the most intense six minutes” in Walking Dead history.“’It gets very intense very quick, very terrifying very quick,” he revealed.

Check out the latest teaser below.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Spoilers: Michonne Will Have ‘A Lot Of Ferocity,’ Will She ‘Move Away’ From Being A Warrior? [VIDEO]

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Spoilers: Michonne Will Have ‘A Lot Of Ferocity,’ Will She ‘Move Away’ From Being A Warrior? [VIDEO]

The Walking Dead

  • In four seasons, ‘The Walking Dead’ has become the most popular show on television, with millions upon millions tuning in every week to watch Rick Grimes and company in the face of a zombie apocalypse (Photo : The Walking Dead/Facebook)

It looks like Michonne will have a lot to deal with in the next season of The Walking Dead, which will cause her to show some massive intensity.

Will There Be Cannibals At Terminus In Season 5?

On Sunday, Entertainment Weekly posted an interview with Danai Gurira who plays Michonne on the series. Her character will apparently struggle on the inside while having to worry about moving into different paths.

“She does yearn for something more stable in life,” the actress said. “She really believes that Carl needs something more stable than where they are and what they have been experiencing, but also she’s very committed to what has to be done. She’s a woman who does what has to be done, so that involves a lot of ferocity.”

Will The Zombies Be Worse Than All The Others Before In Season 5 Of ‘The Walking Dead?’

This sparks up some questions on how far Michonne will go to do the right thing. Odds are likely it’ll involve violence and bloodshed since that’s one of the biggest trademarks of the series. But this could also involve heartbreak and tragedy; either way, Michonne is going to have to stay strong.

“It is a very interesting arc that she is on in terms of how is that going to show itself,” Gurira said. “Is she trying to move away from how much of a warrior she is? But will the world allow that?”

Only time will tell at this point what Michonne’s next battle will be and how that will affect the aspect of the series.

The Walking Dead Season 5 is set to premiere on Sunday, October 12 on AMC.

A LOOK BACK – No Sanctuary: 5 Things We Learned From ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4.5

Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln Walking Dead
Gene Page/AMC
Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln as Carl, Michonne and Rick on ‘The Walking Dead.’
By | March 31, 2014

Oh man, zombiefans: This was some back half of a season, eh? As we followed our survivor friends from the destruction of the prison all the way down the railroad tracks to Terminus, we learned quite a bit about these characters, as well as the ongoing evolution of the post-Zombpocalypse world. We also discovered that new-ish showrunner Scott Gimple is not afraid to take this show to increasingly cringe-worthy levels of terror.

(Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD. Do not read this if you’ve yet to watch the episode!)

(Double warning: SERIOUSLY. This is the mother of all spoiler-alerts if you’re still catching up on episodes burning up space on your DVR).

1. The Walking Dead goes to some places even scarier than flesh-eating zombies.
When you find yourself with a psychotic child (Lizzie) who murders her own little sister (Mica) to prove that zombies are friends instead of foes, what do you do? Especially when said psycho-child was just about to kill Baby Judith? If you’re Carol, you realize that this young girl is not fit to be around other people, especially when you’re hoping to arrive at some sort of sanctuary with lots of other survivors. You take a deep breath, tell Lizzie to look at the flowers, and shoot her in the head (“The Grove”). And if you’re Rick and you’re set upon by the Claimers Gang who threaten to rape Michonne and your son Carl in front of your very eyes before murdering you, well then, you rip your enemy’s jugular out with your teeth. Just like a zombie. And then you tell Daryl he’s your brother. Welcome back, Daryl! (“A”).

2. Signs on railroad tracks promising that all who arrive will survive may not be completely true.
The back half of Season 4 tracked nearly all of the prison survivors as they all eventually discovered signs and maps pointing them to a mysterious place named “Terminus.” Glenn and Tara teamed up with Abraham, Rosita and Eugene to follow the tracks, where they followed Maggie’s blood-painted signs until they finally reunited with the Maggie/Bob/Sasha posse. They arrived at Terminus first, where Terminus Mary (aka Tasha Yar) welcomed them and offered to make them a plate. Later, when Rick’s gang arrived via the “backdoor,” they were greeted by Gareth and taken to the BBQ pit – only Rick noticed that Alex had Glenn’s watch, some dude was wearing Glenn/Eugene’s riot gear, and some random lady was wearing Maggie’s poncho. Alex claimed they got all that stuff legitimately. Hmmm. Something is rotten in the state of Terminus.

3. “Never again. Never trust. We first, always.”
When you’re scrambling for your lives through an unknown location, running past a pit of seemingly-human skeletons and then find yourselves in a candle-lit garage out of some sort of Crowleyan magick routine — you might really have second doubts that you’ve reached any sort of Sanctuary. As Rick (“the ringleader”), Michonne (“the samurai”), Daryl (“the archer”) and Carl (“the child”) sprint through Terminus, the snipers seem to have the worst aim in the entire world. Rounds and rounds of ammo go to waste until Rick realizes that the Terminans are not shooting to kill; they’re shooting to herd. After they’re forced to surrender their weapons, Rick and Co. are shepherded into Train Car A, where empty packages of evaporated milk lie crumbled on the ground outside. Is this a feeding car? Is this where the Terminans fatten up their prisoners before grilling them up to serve them to newcomers? Is the whole radio message advertising sanctuary for all who arrive just one big giant, horrible, terrifying scam? Never trust. Never.

4. Everyone has to be a monster, sometimes.
After Rick, Michonne and Carl reunite with Daryl to escape (and decimate) the Claimer Gang, they decide to wait and watch Terminus to see just what the hell is going on. (Nothing fishy is apparent from the outside, we assume). Carl is afraid to hang out with his dad – but it turns out it’s not that he’s scared of him, he’s scared of himself. Michonne reveals that when her boyfriend and his buddy got high instead of defending their refugee camp and let her son Andre die, she lost herself. Instead of killing them, she let her boyfriend and pal turn into zombies then removed their teeth and tied chains around their necks to drag them around. But she came back. So just because Rick lost his shit last night and stabbed the attempted child-rapist a billion times, he’s not a monster. Even though Carl once shot a kid in the face, and he might have really dark thoughts (like sort of appreciating how his dad was ripping Claimer Dan to shreds), he’ll come back, too. And surely Carol will come back from shooting Lizzie. You can go to the dark side and still return to the light. That’s the hope, anyway.

5. Reunited, and it feels so good — except when it doesn’t.
During the seemingly never-ending flashbacks (Hershel turned Rick into a farmer, but now Warrior Rick is back! We get it! Really! Show us more Terminus), we remembered what life was like when things at the prison were pretty swell and everyone was all buddy-buddy. After spending this entire half-season tracking all of the Prison survivors, we finally got to see them all together again — except this reunion was anything but joyous. It’s a delight to see so many of our friends together again, but not when they’re locked in a train car and possibly about to turn into someone’s next meal. And where are Carol and Tyrese and Baby Judith? Can Rick the Warrior lead everyone to safety before the Carol crew gets to the end of the line? And who the hell kidnapped Beth? Is she still alive or was she the dish of the day? BBQ Beth? Say it ain’t so, Scott Gimple. Say it ain’t so.


THE WALKING DEAD NOSTALGIA Season 4 Deleted Scenes, Specials, Revisits and a Look Ahead at Season 5


So it is now time to sadly say goodbye to season 4 and eagerly get ready to greet season 5. I think I have put together a decent compilation of quality videos to represent both the above mentioned seasons. I hope you both approve of my choices and enjoy them as a fair salute to the wonderful ground breaking series that is The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere

The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview


The Walking Dead Season 4 Special Inside HD 720 Parts 1,2,3