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Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers, Trailer, Premiere, Characters, Plot And Latest News: Could Daryl Be Hinting Of A Bloody Fate That Awaits Him Or Could It Be Rick’s

The Walking Dead (season 2)

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We have the latest for you on the spoilers, trailer, premiere, characters, plot and latest news of the Walking Dead season 5. Set to premiere this October 12th, the Walking Dead season 5 will see Rick Grimes and his people having to encounter survivors of Terminus. Though details about the new season are scarce, producers have promised fans that if they are looking forward to this new season, they have a lot in store for them for it has some crazy plot points that will have them edged to their seats.

A sequence of photos, uploaded on a tweet feed posted by Norman Reedus who plays the role of Daryl, reveal or give a hint of what is to be expected in the season. In one of the photos, Reedus can be seen with make-up artist and producer, Greg Nicotero in one of the take scenes.

“Nicotero n I just got hitched,” one tweet said. “I said yes,” Reedus tweeted a few hours later. “Divorced,” the final tweet said.

In the photos tweeted, all show Reedus hands in some sort of bloody effect which is a hint. Going back to the comic series one can understand the hint as it’s similar to Rick Grimes’s first encounter with the governor which in turn had him have one of his hands chopped off. Seeing as how things turned out, it seems that one of the characters might suffer the same fate as Rick, an amputation but according to the tweets it looks like it is Daryl’s fate. But maybe it’s just Reedus playing around with the minds of the fans as the last tweeted picture depicts a ringed finger. (more…)



THE WALKING DEAD NOSTALGIA Season 4 Deleted Scenes, Specials, Revisits and a Look Ahead at Season 5


So it is now time to sadly say goodbye to season 4 and eagerly get ready to greet season 5. I think I have put together a decent compilation of quality videos to represent both the above mentioned seasons. I hope you both approve of my choices and enjoy them as a fair salute to the wonderful ground breaking series that is The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere

The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview


The Walking Dead Season 4 Special Inside HD 720 Parts 1,2,3


‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5: Showrunner Debunks Daryl’s Sexuality, Promises New Gay Character

The Walking Dead Season 5 Daryl Gay Scott Gimple AaronAMC

A few weeks ago, ‘The Walking Dead‘ fans found themselves faced with the question of Daryl Dixon’s sexuality, after vague quotes from series creator Robert Kirkman addressed potential for the crossbow-wielding warrior to be revealed as gay. We had a fairly hammy response to the idea, but now showrunner Scott Gimple stepped up to deliver his own thoughts on Daryl’s ambiguous sexuality, promising a separate gay character to come in season 5.

While many outlets failed to even properly source the origin of Kirkman’s quotes on the the matter, TVLine followed up with showrunner Scott Gimple for a bit of clarity on Daryl’s potential love life, and whether or not we’d see the possibility addressed in season 5. Gimple wouldn’t explicitly confirm either way, but seemed reasonably adamant that the character’s sexual orientation wouldn’t be used as any kind of surprise twist:

We know all sorts of things about the characters that we haven’t revealed, [but] we’re not holding back information on Daryl’s sexuality as any sort of big reveal. The fact that there’s still a question as to what Daryl’s orientation is in season 5 absolutely speaks to Daryl’s character; he is a very guarded, very closed-off individual in a lot of ways.

We have been able to see him ever so slowly open up and show the other characters aspect by aspect as to what makes him tick. That’s been a very satisfying journey for all of us on the creative side to portray. [And] he’s still on that journey. This is a character who is going to continue to grow closer to the other characters, [and] let his guard down, and let them see just who he is, in every way.

Gimple at least confirmed that the issue of Daryl’s sexuality wouldn’t be addressed this season, in the process revealing that a new gay male character would appear on the AMC horror series before long. And while we’re speculating based on Robert Kirkman’s comics and the AMC drama’s timeline, it seems plausible that said character could be Alexandria scout Aaron (or some remixed derivation thereof), who tailed Rick’s group after their encounter with “The Hunters,” before offering potential inclusion in the walled “Safe-Zone.” Just a theory, mind you, but one with at least some set support (spoilers).

While we wait for ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, we know that existing stars Christian Serratos (Rosita), Alanna Masterson (Tara) and Andrew J. West (Gareth) have all been upgraded to series regulars, while ‘The Wire‘ star Seth Gilliam joined in a role confirmed to be that of comic preacher Gabriel Stokes. The fifth season of AMC’s monster-drama will pick up shortly after season 4 finale “A,” eschewing the usual time jump to show Rick and his cohorts’ time at Terminus. Oh, and don’t forget about that Comic-Con 2014 trailer, or our beat-by-beat breakdown of its secrets!

Hopefully Gimple’s words will put the current crop of speculation on Daryl’s sexuality to rest, considering the vague, click-baiting nature of the initial articles, but what do you think? Do Gimple’s words put anything about the character in perspective? Check out all you really need to know about ‘The Walking Dead’ in our recap below, and tell us what you want to see when season 5 premieres on October 12!

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44 Things You Didn’t Know About “The Walking Dead” #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

1. You can buy Daryl’s crossbow at Walmart for $300.
2. HBO execs passed on The Walking Dead because they thought it was too violent.
3. Norman Reedus (Daryl) originally auditioned for the part of Merle.
4. The actress who plays Tara is the real-life sister of Francis from Malcom in the Middle.

5. When Dale died, his “guts” were made out of chicken breasts.
6. They add zombie noises later, during post-production.
7. The cast’s stunt doubles are hilarious.

8. In the 1830s, the settlement at the end of the Western and Atlantic railroad lines was called “Terminus.” It would later be called Atlanta.
9. The “human flesh” the walkers eat is hams soaked in vinegar.
10. The mouse Lizzie tries to feed the walker in Season 4 is mostly made of gelatin and grape jelly.

11. Daryl isn’t in the comic at all.
12. Merle isn’t either.
13. Sasha also doesn’t exist in the comic world.
14. The bag of drugs Daryl finds has blue meth in it, a nod to Breaking Bad.

Funko The Walking Dead Series 5 Pop! Vinyl Figures Arrive Just in Time #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

It seems like it has been ages since the fourth season of AMC’s hit post-apocalyptic zombie infested television show, The Walking Dead, has concluded. The wait is almost over because season 5 is coming back on October 12th! In celebration of the return of the show, and to help user in the new season premiere, Funko is excited to debut The Walking Dead Series 5 Pop! vinyl figures.

Series 5 is set to be released this September with cute stylized versions of Prison Glen, Tyreese, Hershel Greene, Teddy Bear Girl, Carol Peletier, and the Well Walker. The Well Walker didn’t quite make it out of the well in once piece, so Funko’s Well Walker figure isn’t going to be making it out of their warehouse in one piece! This is the first time ever that Funko has created a Pop! vinyl figure that can be pulled apart!

Each of the figures stands about 3.75-inches tall and comes packaged in a collector friendly window-box package. They retail for about $9.99 and if you are looking to pre-order them, you can currently do so here.

carol peletier Funko The Walking Dead Series 5 Pop! Vinyl Figures

Hershel Greene Funko The Walking Dead Series 5 Pop! Vinyl Figures

Prison Glenn Funko The Walking Dead Series 5 Pop! Vinyl Figures

Teddy bear girl Funko The Walking Dead Series 5 Pop! Vinyl Figures

Tyreese Funko The Walking Dead Series 5 Pop! Vinyl Figures

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