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The Walking Dead shuffles to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in October

The Walking Dead (season 2)

The Walking Dead (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Telltale Games announced earlier this year The Walking Dead seasons 1 and 2 would be making their way to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and a boxed retail version for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita owners. Today, Telltale has announced these versions of its critically-acclaimed series will become available starting in October.

The Walking Dead will be making its debut on current-gen systems in digital form as well for those of you who prefer to download as much of their gaming content on their hard drives. Retail disc versions of The Walking Dead will come in two separate packages for each season, with the first season including the 400 Days DLC.

As for last-gen, the first season of The Walking Dead is already available at retail, so today’s announcement will just be bringing the second season to store shelves.

If you haven’t played either season of The Walking Dead, or have a friend who hasn’t, then this would your best option this holiday season in order to experience both seasons all in one shot. Trust us when we say you won’t be sorry.


The Walking Dead is getting a real pinball machine, it uses a crossbow to fire the balls


The Walking Dead television show is getting a pinball machine, Stern Pinball told Polygon today.

The machine will be based on the AMC television show and feature a playfield based on the overarching struggle of a group of survivors pitted against a world turned zombie.

The pro version of the game, which sells for $5,995, includes zombie bash toys and some familiar locations, like Cell Block C. The limited edition version of the machine, which sells for $8,595, will also include tiny toys based on designs from the show, like a bicycle girl and a fish tank with an illuminated zombie head. Most impressive though is the way players will shoot the ball in the limited edition version.

“A giant crossbow comes out of the front of the machine, it literally slides out, and you can fire pinballs anywhere on the field,” said Jody Dankberg, Stern’s director of marketing and licensing. “It’s going to be a really fantastic looking and playing game.

“It has some really cool toys on it.”

Dankberg said the tiny toys on the table were created with the help of Gregory Nicotero, a special effects creator whose work has appeared in The Walking Dead, Predators and the original Day of the Dead.

“He’s a master sculptor,” Dankberg said. “He did all of the toys for us.”

John Borg, the machine designer and technician behind classic pinballs like Star Wars, Guns N’ Roses and Twister, is doing the design for the table and Lyman Sheats, a programmer whose work includes Tommy Pinball Wizard, Medieval Madness and AC/DC, is in charge of programming.

“It will feature familiar scenes and familiar characters from the show,” Dankberg said. It won’t include any voice work from the actors, he added.

The Walking Dead pinball is one of six machines Stern Pinball has planned through 2015, Dankberg said.

“We are in the middle of a pinball renaissance right now,” he said. “We came in about five years ago, near the end of 2009, with a group of venture capitalists to help turn the company around along with some of the founders. Things have grown drastically since then.

“When I walked into the factory five years ago it was dead silence. Now we create 250 to 350 machines a day.”

Dankberg called the creation of hand-made pinball tables a “fascinating symphony of talent.”

Over the years, the drop in widespread pinball sales lead to a shift in what sort of machines were created. Nowadays it’s unlikely for a pinball creator to make a machine not based on a licensed product.

“We can’t afford to really have a big miss,” Dankberg said. “They need to be based on an A+ title that is recognized here and around the world.

“If we tell someone we have a pinball about guys flying around in space, they’ll tell us to send them two. If we say have have a Star Trek pinball, they’ll say send us 80.”

Like all of their machines, Stern’s The Walking Dead pinball required a designer to create a barebones version of the game, free of paint and decorations, just to see how the game shoots and the parts fit together. Then they’ll have to add speech, music, light shows, rules and logistics.

“They have to figure out what is fun. How do you make it fun for a guy who is a novice but also fun for a tournament player,” he said. “It’s a delicate balance. Like creating a giant Rube Goldberg machine.”

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Walking Dead: Season 2

Think you’re an expert? Here are the behind the scenes tidbits straight from the folks who made the game.


THE WALKING DEAD NOSTALGIA Season 4 Deleted Scenes, Specials, Revisits and a Look Ahead at Season 5


So it is now time to sadly say goodbye to season 4 and eagerly get ready to greet season 5. I think I have put together a decent compilation of quality videos to represent both the above mentioned seasons. I hope you both approve of my choices and enjoy them as a fair salute to the wonderful ground breaking series that is The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere

The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview


The Walking Dead Season 4 Special Inside HD 720 Parts 1,2,3


Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2 Review (Xbox 360)

Like any great TV show or episodic story-telling, playing the first season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead is an absolute must in order to get the full experience from season 2. After such high praise and critical-acclaim for the previous 6 episodes, expectations were high for the next 5 episodes. If you’re unfamiliar with the franchise or the types of games Telltale has been pumping out, The Walking Dead is a point-and-click, choice driven game. It’s more of an interactive story than a video game, but the choices you make will affect the story and put it in different paths. You can play an episode and compare notes to a friend who has played the same episode and realize you two have experienced a totally different part of the story — and that’s really cool.

Season 2 revolves around Clementine who played as a supporting role in the first season and she is a totally transformed person this time around. She has matured greatly, but the game reminds you she’s still a kid with moments like awkward exposure to sexual and drug/alcohol related topics. It really humanizes her and you feel her pain as she is forced to grow faster in this dark and hallow world.

Blood-pumping, anxiety-inducing and haunting. I can go on and on about the many emotions brought upon me throughout season 2, because it was such a trip. Each episode put Clementine and the group of zombie walker survivors in more dire situations where the stakes became bigger and decision making tougher. By the end, I was struggling even behind the safety of my video game controller to make a choice that would determine the fate of the on-screen characters who I have become attached to emotionally.