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New ‘Walking Dead’ image shows Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon ready for action

When we showed you the first exclusive image of Daryl Dixon from season 5 of The Walking Dead, he appeared to be in a bit of a bind…literally, in fact, seeing as how he was gagged and bound. Let’s just say that many fans of the crossbow-wielding warrior (played by Norman Reedus) were less than pleased to see their main man in such peril. Now we have a brand new exclusive gallery shot from the upcoming season (which premieres Oct. 12 on AMC), and this one should have Reedus Nation breathing a bit easier. Just click on the “Full Size” magnifying glass tab above to see the full picture in all of its glory.

So what is happening in this photo? Well, Daryl has his weapon back, so that’s certainly good news. He also appears to be creeping up on someone. But whom? And where? Well, it’s relatively safe to assume that a member (or members) of Terminus would be the subject of his steely gaze. And that creepy plastic he is peering through makes me wonder if there is some sort of messy activity going on in there. If the Terminus gang are indeed cannibals (as has been theorized), then perhaps this is where they liberate humans from their flesh for consumption. Either way, this is far more promising than what we saw last time.

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