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‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 spoilers: What is the title for the premiere?

The Walking Dead” has, for the most part, gotten its episode titles right over the years. Often, they are short, but also distinctive and full of flavor about what each episode is actually about. Even “A,” the finale for last season, seemed to be appropriate given that this was the train car that Rick and company called home by the time the episode ended. For us, the goal of an episode title should really be something that the audience will remember later, and discuss in trivia games or talking with friends.

Want to see the latest example of this right now? Then just take a look at “No Sanctuary.” Per TVLine, this is in fact the name of the episode airing on Sunday, October 12 marking the start of the season. This is in some ways a reference right off the bat to how Terminus obviously not what it seemed to many people thought it was going to be.

Eventually, we do think that the series is going to get out of Terminus, judging from the fact that there is official footage out there showing all of the characters on the move. Eugene is the real center of attention here, and trying to figure out whether or not he is really telling the truth about if there is a cure for the zombie virus that is out there.

Hopefully, there are some other great episode titles on the way for the show, and we’ll have some more scoop on all of those very soon. Stay tuned…

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