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The Walking Dead Season Five: Does New Teaser Trailer Hint Baby Judith Is In Danger?

A new teaser from season five of The Walking Dead suggests that not even the main characters are safe from a walker attack with the hungry zombies closing in on Tyreese – but is baby Judith still with him and is she in danger too?

AMC’s hit zombie-fest will be returning to screens much to the delight of anxious viewers on October 12 and will pick up where season four left off – with the likes of Rick, Glen and Maggie stuck in a crater box at Terminus where they were locked in by a group of cannibals. One person who is fortunate enough to not be with them is tough man Tyreese although his fortunes could be running out according to a brand new teaser trailer.

In the short 16-second clip, Tyreese can be seen stuck in a house and peering out of the window to see a horde of walkers emerging from the woods and surrounding his safe-haven. No one else is seen in the clip but the last time Tyreese was on our screens, he was making his way towards the rest of his apocalypse survivor pals with Carole and Judith in tow – are they also in the house and what does this mean for the defenceless little tot?

Hopefully nothing gory! That’s not the only new development viewers have been treated to as Seth Gillam has confirmed he will be joining the cast as priest Father Gabriel Stokes who – SPOILER – provides shelter for the endangered group at his church. In true TWD fashion though, Father Gabriel isn’t as saintly as he may seem as he is reportedly trying to make up for past sins. We’re intrigued.

Speaking about what it was like to join the popular show, Gillam admitted to Entertainment Weekly: “It was pretty intimidating because it’s a well-oiled machine. But Andrew Lincoln was the first cast member that I met. And the guy has got a heart the size of the Grinch at the end of the Dr. Seuss story where it just grows and grows and grows. So he made me feel instantly welcome, and instantly a part of it.

Will Tyreese meet a gory end in season five? (AMC)

He continued: “And everyone after that, I mean, they’re the warmest people and they’ve done everything they possibly can to make me feel like I’ve been part of it from the very beginning. But yeah, I was pretty intimidated by it, by the immensity of the show, the popularity of it, and also the depth of it.”

Producers recently confirmed that season five will also see the introduction of a male gay character with speculation rife about the sexual orientation of popular character Daryl Dixon, who is yet to find romance with one of the other survivors. October 12 can’t roll on soon enough!

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