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‘The Walking Dead’: A gay character is confirmed, but is it Daryl Dixon?

norman_reedus_mini_portrait_by_whu_wei-d53k3e0Robert Kirkman, creator of “The Walking Dead,” loves to stir up the hornet’s nest of fans with teasers and tidbits from the upcoming season. “Dead” heads had been buzzing about Kirkman’s recent revelation that beloved character Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) may or may not be gay, but that was far too vague to take seriously. But TVLine reported Tuesday that Kirkman has now confirmed that there will be a gay male character on “The Walking Dead” at some point. So everyone is trying to figure out who it will be, with Daryl being a very likely candidate.

In all four seasons of “The Walking Dead,” Daryl has never hooked up with anyone of either gender. He and Carol (Melissa McBride) formed a special bond and looked like they might pair up, but that never came to fruition. When Daryl got separated from the rest of the group with Beth (Emily Kinney), it was apparent she had a crush on him, but he refused to take things to a romantic level. Or even take it to a physical level for that matter.

Sure, we know the character is very reserved and has a hard time trusting people, but at the end of the day, he’s still a man. Surely he’d want to indulge in a little comfort from the fairer sex if he were so inclined, you’d think, as he certainly has had the opportunity.

But perhaps the bigger question is how would fans react to a revelation that Daryl is gay, given the rabid loyalty they’ve shown the character. Many fans’ rallying cry has been “if Daryl dies, we riot,” so will that cult-like fan base be unfazed by something that really shouldn’t be relevant or cause any backlash at all, but might?

In other words, Daryl is a man’s man. How will fans react if they find out that he really wants to be a man’s, man?

And the more important question: when will we stop caring about the sexual orientation of a character or a real person? That’s an answer we really need, but I doubt Kirkman can help us out on that one.

Speaking of super manly men on the show, the latest teaser video shows Tyreese (Chad Coleman) might be in a bit of trouble. If he dies, that sort of rules him out as the gay character, but as always, the jury is still out till the new season airs October 12 on AMC.


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