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No More Gay Talk On The Walking Dead, Put Up or Shut Up


Quite frankly it has been severely played out. We get it Daryl or someone may (or may not) be gay. The truth is we are over it. I cannot tell you how many emails and replies I get here at The Walking Dead Update complaining that every other article has to do with who may be gay.

You should have played the Beth and Daryl story out a little more. At least then you may have kept people’s interest a little longer, and who doesn’t love a romance? If that were for some unknown reason not feasible (this is after all fiction), then playing off the chance of his death will have worked just as well.

It’s like a dog with a bone…it just would not let it go. You received a ton  of exposure (positive at first), but that ship has sailed. People are sick of hearing about it. So it’s time to put up or really just shut the hell up about it. Let me let you in on a little secret, ‘ sometimes people are gay’. WOW, what a revelation that must have been.

If it was a just a publicity blitz, good on you. Yet I’m not sure the response will be positive anymore. If it’s just a stunt, you played it out way too long! The novelty has worn off!

So you AMC execs it’s time to let the cat out of the bag, or just admit there was no cat to start with. We are your fans, WE make the show, not you. We are not your pawns to move as you see fit just to see what happens. It’s time to come clean, the show is almost on and we have waited long enough. Hell, it’s not like it would be a world ending spoiler. Think of it as a gift to all your loyal fans…plain and simple!

I hope this was not too harsh, but I have readers to answer to as well. AND let’s be honest, it really is time for the truth!

– Owner The Walking Dead Update


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