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Scott Gimple: Daryl Dixon’s Sexuality “Not Really Addressed” in Walking Dead Season 5

Hold tight, Darlenn shippers! We know The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman got y’all excited when he said the possibility Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) is gay has “been discussed” among the writers, but y’all might be stuck with just Tumblr fanart for a while.

Showrunner Scott Gimple tells TVLine that, while he acknowledges Daryl’s romantic life is still a mystery to the audience, everyone’s favorite brooding crossbow-wielder’s sexual preferences are “not really addressed” in Season 5 — but a gay character is on the way at some point.

“We know all sorts of things about the characters that we haven’t revealed,” Scott teases to Michael Ausiello.

However, Scott can confirm that the series plans to introduce a gay male character. It’s not exactly uncharted territory for the series, anyway, given the introduction of  Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson) and, subsequently, her girlfriend Alisha (R.I.P.), in Season 4.

“We’re not holding back information on Daryl’s sexuality as any sort of big reveal,” he continues. “The fact that there’s still a question as to what Daryl’s orientation is in Season 5 absolutely speaks to Daryl’s character; he is a very guarded, very closed-off individual in a lot of ways.  We have been able to see him ever so slowly open up and show the other characters aspect by aspect as to what makes him tick. That’s been a very satisfying journey for all of us on the creative side to portray.”

“He’s still on that journey,” explains Scott. “This is a character who is going to continue to grow closer to the other characters … [he’ll] let his guard down, and let them see just who he is, in every way.”

Every way, you say?! Well, that doesn’t get our hopes up or anything…

In all seriousness, though, that character might end up being someone in the comics who was recently revealed to be gay — here’s that spoiler, if you want it. But it’s his similarity to Daryl that prompted a fan to ask RK about sexuality in the first place… so who knows?

What do you make of this latest character tease? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: TVLine


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