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Michael Rooker Comments on ‘The Walking Dead’ After Merle’s Death

Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon on The Walking Dead

(Photo : Twitter)

Michael Rooker portrayed Merle Dixon on The Walking Dead for parts of the first three seasons before the character met his end. Now that he is off the show, the actor has had a chance to actually enjoy it as a fan. But what does he think of it as it heads into Season 5?

The actor spoke to Bloody Disgusting, which asked him for his thoughts about the AMC series. Here’s what he had to say:

“BD: The Walking Dead just continues to be insanely popular. I’m interested now that Merle is dead, have you had a chance to watch the show as a fan or is that experience is too strange?

MR: I have, finally. We didn’t get a chance to watch any of it while we were making it, but they would offer us the chance to watch the show prior to its release. While we were filming we would have a weekly viewing, but everyone was so damn tired that you would say, ‘Thank you so much, but I’ve got to get some sleep.’ I would only got to see a few of them, and when I finally did watch it when I was off the show and I watched them all in a row. It’s a very cool show and an awesome piece. There were some decisions about the show that I disagree with, such as the editing, but that’s going to be with almost every project. What we’re doing on the show, and I say we because I’m still a part of the show. I’m the one that you go and visit during Decoration Day, because I died twice on the same episode. They’ll still think of me, but they don’t really want to hang out with me because I’m dead. I’m dead, so some of the other living actors on the show may be contaminated by my death on the show. Some of the writers on the show have seen us photographed together and think, ‘Wow, maybe we should kill him off as well.’

BD: Seeing the reaction to the cast members of The Walking Dead at…conventions, it’s almost like you guys are today’s version of rock stars being mobbed by fans.

MR: We are at times. People are a little afraid to mob me but they do anyways, because Michael Rooker is a pretty approachable and friendly guy in real life. You don’t want to run up behind me, because that’s just not fun. If you approach me from the front I probably won’t bite! (Chuckles)”

It’s interesting to hear Rooker comment on the editing rather than the content, which some fans have taken issue with during the last season or more.

What do you make of Rooker’s remarks? Let us know in the comments section.

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