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‘The Walking Dead’: What is going on at the hospital? #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

Spoiler reports posted photos a while back of a hospital that “The Walking Dead” was filming at. There were a lot of theories on what was going on there. More recently, “The Walking Dead” season 5 trailer revealed that Beth was at that hospital and it looks like some weird stuff is going on. Headlines & Global News reported on Aug. 2 some details and speculations regarding Beth and the hospital.

As fans saw in the trailer, Beth was at the hospital. There was a female dressed in a police uniform that didn’t seem to care for Beth too much. She tells her that she is “part of the system” and later, she slaps Beth hard across the face. Beth is seen holding a patient down, who is jerking her head back even though she is strapped down to a bed. It looked like she was either having some sort of seizure or perhaps was receiving electroshock treatments.

What is telling about Beth in the video is her personality change. She doesn’t look emotional, worried or even scared. She looks at the officer with a firmness and doesn’t even flinch when she slaps her. Emily Kinney, the actress who plays Beth, did say in previous interviews that Beth would be stronger. She also said that she hopes someone will save her or that Beth would save herself.

There are theories on the hospital storyline. Some believe that it is connected in some way to Terminus. There are also rumors that the hospital is responsible for kidnapping Beth and perhaps others. The vehicle that took Beth had a cross on the rear window and photos from the set location show that other vehicles have them as well.

Now that the trailer has been released, some theories are changing. It was previously thought that Father Gabriel kidnapped Beth. HNGN wrote that the crosses are connected to the hospital and Gabriel knows what is going on at Terminus. Even though the crosses are like the ones that belong to the Saviors in the comic books, that is not the case in the television series. The website stated that The Spoiling Dead Fans wrote,

“The people of Terminus are dealing with them, including capturing and shipping people off… Train car ‘A’ stands for arrivals and train car ‘D’ stands for departures.”

As for why Beth is at the hospital, one fan thinks that they are doing experiments on innocent people that were being held at Terminus. The fan goes on to say that they might be trying to find a cure and forcing Beth to help. “A” might stand for “arrivals,” as in those who just came to Terminus while “D” means “Departure,” those that are being sent to the hospital.

Another fan thinks that when “the greater good” is mentioned, that she could be referring to the attempts to find a cure. The bandage on Beth’s arm might be where she was injected with samples, that she is a guinea pig.

There are many more theories about Beth being kidnapped and the hospital. What do you think is going to happen on “The Walking Dead” season 5?

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