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Telltale Games’ ‘The Walking Dead: The Game’ Releases ‘No Going Back’ Season 2 Finale [Watch Video] #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

The Walking Dead: The Game

(Photo : YouTube)

Telltale Games has released the latest trailer to the final chapter of The Walking Dead: The Game. Season Two concludes with the climatic episode entitled ‘No Going Back,’ as Clementine‘s ultimate choices decide her fate in the zombie apocalypse.

Based on the popular Image Comics series, The Walking Dead explores humanity’s latch ditch at survival as the undead have taken over the entire world. Robert Kirkman’s epic saga continues in the videogame realm where you, the player, decide whether or not Clementine is strong enough, both mentally and physically, to survive the zombie invasion.

From the game footage, we can tell that winter is settling in. Food and shelter will be running out as soon as the snowstorms hit. With a newborn infant to protect, the zombies have become a deadlier threat than ever. Everything builds to a breaking point in the nail-biting conclusion of The Walking Dead: Season Two.

In the video, we are given a recap of how Clementine has survived from season one to its penultimate episode, Amid the Ruins. This little girl has certainly gone through the worst, especially having to pick up a gun and pull the trigger. Does she have enough strength to make it to the third season?

As the trailer ends, we see Clementine before the zombie apocalypse, smiling and with her curly hair loose. In the heart-breaking scene, Clementine doesn’t realize this is the last time she will speak to her parents.

Check out the trailer to No Going Back here:

The second season finale of The Walking Dead: The Game will be available to download on August 26. Readers, are you excited to see how this season ends?

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