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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Air Date: Will Rick And Michonne Hook up? Plus 32 More Spoilers! #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

“The Walking Dead” is confirmed to return for a fifth season this fall and AMC revealed the official air date during the 2014 Comic-Con in San Diego, Calif., where the network announced the premiere date to be Sunday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Ahead of their panel, the network released a banner revealing that the show will return in October 2014. Additionally, the guests of the panel — executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, co-creator Robert Kirkman, and cast members Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, amongst others — did divulge some juicy tidbits about the season to come.

Anyone watching “The Walking Dead” can admit that there’s something between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira). And given that Rick hasn’t had a romantic interest since Lori, it seems about time that the leader find love in a hopeless place (yes, the reference to Rihanna’s song is intentional). Their relationship — whatever the nature of it may be — has been evolving during the course of the past two seasons and it seems only inevitable that a Rick-Michonne will take place.

First and foremost, Carl seems to have clicked with Michonne and she could be a great influence in his life. If she gets with Rick, then she truly would be a mother-figure, and could help shape and mold Carl. But getting back to the romance, why wouldn’t Carl fall for the woman he has chemistry with and would be able to bond with his children? What’s more, in an interview with TVLine last year, the actress openly admits that Michonne respects Rick. “It’s very clear that she has respect for Rick,” says Gurira. “Seeing the way Rick handles himself, handles his community, handles his son is something that she can respect.” And while it’s not romance just yet, respect can easily transition into that.

1. How will the new season be? During the panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con, showrunner Scott Gimple revealed that “this season is going to define these characters.”

2. Season 5 is the most ambitious season yet! “From the opening tease in the premiere onward, season five is without question the most ambitious and satisfying season this amazing team has ever crafted” said Charlie Collier, AMC president, in a statement according to E! Online. “In the zombie apocalypse, event television is alive and well, and I am proud to acknowledge that this uniquely talented writing staff, production team and cast have once again raised the bar (and the crossbow).”

3. There will be crazier walkers in season 5. “There’s crazy walkers this season,” Reedus reveals, according to Zap2it. “Oh my god. We just did some stuff that was insane. Like, insane. I’m constantly blown away by this team over here.” Executive producer Greg Nicotero adds: “We’ve done some stuff this season that far exceeds even the burn walkers, the crispy guys — and the well walker, the moss walker that’s trapped under the tree — I feel like those were all sort of appetizers to some of the stuff we’ve done [in Season 5]. I love putting those little things in there.”

4. The new season will focus on Rick. Remember last season how the light was slightly cast off of Rick? Well, this season will be different and the focus will, once again, be on Rick and how he leads the survivors. “This is Rick Grimes being pushed to his absolute limit,” said Kirkman to Entertainment Weekly. “And if you think you’ve seen that before, you haven’t. And the Rick Grimes that comes out of this is really going to shock people. We’re definitely going to be bringing things to another level. And the anticipation for the next season after this finale is unfortunately going to be a lot more heightened than it has been between any other season. So it’s going to be a rough summer for ‘Walking Dead’ fans waiting for us to come back in the fall.”

5. There will be more gory action-packed scenes. Remember the infamous hose-zombie scene where zombies are blasted into bits with a hose? Well, there will be more of that! “It’s never been done,” Nicotero tells Zap2it. “I defy anyone to tell me there’s a movie where they use a fire hose to blast zombies into pieces. I do really feel like the show elevates those moments, and those moments are fun and exciting. We have a lot of those this season.”

6. Does Daryl die? AMC recently revealed shared a photo (see above) of the survivors that were locked up in the train car at Terminus in the season 4 finale with one exception: Daryl Dixon. Could this mean Daryl will not be making it out alive? Or is AMC just toying with our hearts? points out that Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl on the show, took to Twitter to send a cryptic, but telling, message to his fans: “Just wanted to say thank you for all the nice people that are waiting outside of set when we get off work . Thank you guys for all the love.”

“I think we all have that fear,” said Reedus to AMC last season. “Nobody’s safe in this world — on our show, as well as our group. Everyone is a moving target. I don’t think anyone thinks they’re going to be on for a certain amount of episodes. They think they could go at any time, and the producers have made that clear. We are all afraid.”

7. Why Daryl cannot die. As we mentioned above, AMC is sure toying with the notion that Daryl may not be making it. But it could also be that Daryl is kept back at Terminus. Regardless, while it’s hard to imagine Daryl dying from a logical standpoint — the character is a favorite amongst fans — know that no character is truly safe from death on the show.

“I get a lot of hate mail every time I kill anybody in the comic, which always aggravates me because it’s like, ‘It’s been a hundred issues! Don’t you know how this is by now? What are you doing?’” said Kirkman to “But specifically about the Daryl thing — that fan reaction is going to get him killed. I feel like it’s a dare. Like, ‘Oh, really? You’re gonna riot? We’ll see … we’ll see. No one is safe.”

8. Do the survivors make it out of the train car? In the Season 4 finale, the survivors were locked up in the train car but it has been confirmed that the group will be successfully escaping. Gimple played coy at the Comic Con panel, saying “Do they make it out of the train car? I’m not going to answer that.”

9. The gang will be getting out of the train car. Unfortunately for Gimple, anyone who has read the comics will know the fate of the train car and its inhabitants. Also, Kirkman let the cat out of the bag a long while back. “They definitely get out of that of that train car,” said Kirkman. “They do not spend the entirety of Season 5 in that train car. It is through ingenuity, creativity, and somewhat savageness that they are able to make it out of the train car. There will be resolution.”

10. Rick and the survivors will be traveling to the nation’s capital. According to a casting call for Season 5, Rick and the survivors will be going to Washington, D.C. “where they meet new danger and a new enemy.” Based on the casting call, it seems that many of the characters fans have seen over the years may not make it past the Season 4 finale and a whole bunch of new characters will be introduced in the new season. The casting call is consistent with the comics.

11. Exactly who are the Terminus members? At the round table session, Kirkman said about the Terminus members: “This is a very dangerous, very different group of people.”

12. Gareth is the new villain. Zombie’s are great, but with the Governor gone, the show was lacking a real villain. And that’s where Gareth enters. Introduced in the Season 4 “The Walking Dead” finale, Gareth (played by actor Andrew J. West) is the show’s new villain. The character is a wild card since there is no exact comic book equivalent to him — although fans have drawn parallels to two separate comic book characters leading one to surmise that he is a super-villain. “I can tell you nothing about him,” said Kirkman strongly, in an interview with TVLine.

13. Keep an eye out for Terminus member Mary. During “The Talking Dead” special, Gimple revealed that Mary’s character was created keeping a Star Wars character in mind. Specifically, Luke Skywalker’s Aunt Beru.

14. Is Negan coming to the show? In the comics, the villain introduced after the Governor’s death is Negan. The character is introduced to the comics after roughly more than 50 issues after the Governor dies, but given how fast-paced the show is, will he be introduced in season 5? Negan is the leader of a group of survivors called “The Saviors” and they are based in an area called “The Sanctuary.” The ruthless villain loves expletives and his weapon of choice is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, which he affectionately calls Lucille. WetPaint points out that there is a Negan-like scene in the trailer that matches the comics, but not too much. “I can say I’m glad you caught that. And that your intuition… I can’t say,” said Greg to Yahoo TV. I can’t say. I can say that it’s in the trailer for a reason.”

15. Beth is alive. Beth was not seen in the Season 4 finale of the “The Walking Dead” and after her kidnapping, the character’s fate seemed to be up in the air. But fans can let out a sigh of relief — for now — knowing that Beth is alive and will be back. “We will see Beth again … eventually,” revealed Kirkman in his recent recent Reddit AMA.

16. There is a back story to the house Beth was kidnapped in. Gimple revealed during “The Talking Dead” special that the house Beth was kidnapped from will have a back story and unfortunately, the creative team had to let that story arch go due to time constraints. Could that story arch play out? It may be touched upon, but it won’t be in the forefront considering Gimple explained that an undertaker previously lived in the house and was re-burying dead bodies.

17. Will Beth and Daryl be in a relationship? Fans are excited of the Beth-Daryl love story notion, and if the creative team goes down that route, they’ll have to keep Beth alive. But, is there a romance? “Everyone pairs Beth up with Carl in this weird way and she’s much older than Carl,” said Reedus to The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s looking for comics and she’s looking for food. They’re definitely not the same age. I can’t tell you if there’s going to be a romantic thing; we’re not allowed to talk about that stuff. But never say never! She’s a cute girl in the zombie apocalypse and Daryl could do much worse.”

18. No Beth and Daryl…for now? “Daryl’s interesting because there are the people who want him to hook up with Carol, there are the people who want him to hook up with Beth, there are the people who never wanted him to hook up because he’s got to save himself for them,” show producer Gale Ann Hurd said in an interview with Zap2it. “Regardless of what we do, I don’t think we’re ever going to make anyone happy.”

19. Has a new romantic lead been cast for Beth? Twitter account @TheWalkingDeadNews has shared a picture of “The Fault in our Stars” actor Ansel Elgort on the set of “The Walking Dead” with the caption reading: “@AnselElgort of TFIOS will be playing Andrew in Season 5 of #TheWalkingDead who could have a “thing” with Beth!” It should be noted that this is just a rumor, but considering the actor’s proximity in age to Beth, it could be a thing!

20. Current cast members will return. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Alanna Masterson (Tara), Christian Serratos (Rosita) and West have been promoted to series regulars. Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) and Josh McDermitt (Eugene) are also series regulars in Season 4. The remaining cast is all slated to return as series regulars as well.

21. Father Gabriel has been cast! Seth Gilliam will be playing Father Gabriel in Season 5 of “The Walking Dead.” No information regarding his character name, description or role.

22. Aaron Paul to be on the show? A photo of the “Breaking Bad” actor entering Reedus’ trailer went viral, suggesting that the actor will be on the show. Furthermore, the show’s Facebook page shared the photo with the caption “Are we dreaming right now?” Was the actor just visiting or is he a new member?

The Walking Dead" Season 5 Will Aaron Paul play a Terminus Cannibal in “The Walking Dead” Season 5? The Walking Dead / Facebook

23. Morgan will return. The deficit of Morgan in Season 4 initially led fans to believe he would definitely return in Season 5. But UK station Sky is reporting that actor Lennie James will be playing Glen Boyle in a 13-part medical series called “Critical.” This leaves Morgan’s return up in the air — while it logically makes sense for his character to return now since the survivors meet him on their way to Washington, D.C., the new show has gone into production as of February. Gimple was asked in an interview with Larry King if Morgan would return and he answered: “I am so determined to make that happen by hook or by crook. I can definitely say yes.”

24. Is Daryl gay? Kirkman dropped the biggest shocker — but not really — in his most recent letter column to “The Walking Dead” #130. As the Huffington Post points out, Daryl’s sexuality has been questioned for a long time now. Is Daryl gay? Possibly! What’s more, Kirkman has previously stated that AMC “absolutely would” allow the creative team of the show let Daryl be gay. “All I can say is that it’s been discussed,” said Kirkman to “We have very specific ideas about Daryl’s sexuality (or the seeming lack thereof), and if there’s ever a quiet period in the show where he’s not consistently distracted by crossbowing… we’ll tackle it in the show.”

25. Will Maggie get pregnant? The show typically follows the comic book and the cover of Issue 132 shows Maggie holding her baby fathered by Glenn. Should the show follow the comic book for this story arch then it means two things: Maggie and Glenn will be safe for the time being and baby Judith won’t be the only toddler around!

26. There will be more deaths. “It’s always highly likely, though I wouldn’t say that it’s any more likely than it ever is, but it is always extremely likely,” said Kirkman about major characters dying. “We did pull back on the reins a little bit at the end of Season 4. We’re definitely going to hit the ground running for Season 5 and we really don’t let up very quickly at all.”

27. Will Glenn die? In the comics, Glenn dies while Maggie is pregnant but will the show take the same course as the comics with this character? On one hand, Glenn is far too popular to be killed off. On the other hand, fans wouldn’t put it past the creative team of the show. “It’s always highly likely, though I wouldn’t say that it’s any more likely than it ever is, but it is always extremely likely,” said Kirkman. “We did pull back on the reins a little bit at the end of Season 4. We’re definitely going to hit the ground running for Season 5 and we really don’t let up very quickly at all. It’s going to be a pretty fast-paced, intense season.”

28. The new season is ‘magical.’ “Everyone’s happy to be back together, so it’s been pretty great and everybody’s bringing their A game still, 5 years in,” said Kirkman to Entertainment Weekly after the first week of filming. “We’re doing new and different and crazy and exciting things and now I think the atmosphere is that we can’t wait until we can start sharing things with people and start showing things to people because we’re really excited about what we’re doing here. We think we’re making another magical season.”

29. Who will die? Rumors online are predicting that Bob and Sash will be the ones to die in the new season.

30. The new episodes will be amazing! Chandler Riggs (the father of actor Chandler Riggs who plays Carl Grimes) took to Twitter to vouch for the new episodes.

31. Keep an eye out for Season 5 episode 1! Why? Cause according to producer Denise Huth, “every single thing in the first episode is a spoiler.”

32. Watch the official “The Walking Dead” Season 5 trailer below:


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