The Walking Dead Update brings you all the latest news,videos,spoilers,and more from AMC's hit series The Walking Dead!

Please Read -Your Opinion and Help Wanted #TheWalkingDead #TWDUpdate

The Walking Dead (season 2)

The Walking Dead (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Walking Dead Update is a news Aggregator. Definition,”a website or program that collects related items of content and displays them or links to them.” We always link to the source of the information, and if for some reason it got past us shoot us an email and it’s a quick fix. We do this in order to bring you the latest Walking Dead news as quickly as possible once it is released on the web. We ARE NOT responsible for their content or allowed to change it. We are only purely responsible for our own original articles.

(NOTE) I you are interested in writing TWD related articles please let me know. We could also use a few staff (it’s not paid, but it’s fun)!

Please fell free to contact me through our online form or via twd (at)! We welcome all suggestions and comments!

(And a note on spoilers…let’s be realistic. Aside from the upcoming season or comic books  I have NO idea what  my thousands of visitors have seen or read! Which in hind sight could make anything, even episode 1 or issue 1 a spoiler. The same with trailers and teasers, they will 100% contain spoilers as is their nature. They are there to tease and peak your interest! So I cannot and will not label everything a spoiler. If it is new or unreleased sure I will, otherwise it is a waste of time and a guessing game I could never possibly win! I do apologize but I hope after reading this you understand it’s the plain truth.)


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