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If Daryl Dixon is Gay Will You Still Watch?

If Daryl’s Gay Will You Still Watch? How much does it really matter to you viewers. Looking for news for this site I have read many comments…some positive, so pretty heinous! Now it’s time to voice your opinions. Please share this with everyone you know who watches the show, at the end of the poll I will be forwarding the results to the AMC execs. I think they will be really interested in the results!


2 responses

  1. brassanova This just out.
    I am not a homophobic fearfully trembling about or concerned over homosexuals. I am simply offering my opinion and support the dominant heterosexual lifestyle. I think the behavior of a homosexual is one of a troglodyte. The activity serves only those who are infatuated with their body functions, amused at the chaos and prejudice it causes, and enjoy the temporary infamous notoriety it provides. The homosexual act itself has no valid function in its methodology over heterosexual acts, therefore, a clear choice of rebellion against the established normal lifestyle – like a stubborn teenager refusing to comply with authority. Gays can’t reproduce and demand children from institutions that are facilitated by heterosexual partners. Homosexual behavior is, for the most part, all about the act of sex with same gender bodies. If homosexuality was just about nurturing a friendship for life, the sexual faction would be mute. It does, however, have major economic and social ramifications thwarted upon the masses. Young gays are constantly seeking more same gender sex activity’s which is consistent with their non-committal attitude toward a meaningful relationship which creates volumes of health risks and adds more complications to the health and medical issues we now suffer. Instead of encouraging same gender sex acts, responsible people should admonish it. I will not watch the Walking Dead if the rumors of the gay community successfully achieve another agenda realized by the character Daryl Dixon as a gay man in future episodes. The idea is absolutely ridiculous that the gay community require their demographic to soil every avenue of our lives.
    According to the Williams Institute, there are 8 million adults in the US who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual, comprising 3.5% of the adult population. In total, the study suggests – roughly the population of New Jersey. About 16 million people have been watching your Walking Dead series. How many gays are watching the Walking Dead? – all of them? No. More than likely, just enough gay rights activist watchdogs to ensure that their skewed rights aren’t being disenfranchised. I hope that pays the bills.
    Not every TV show needs to promote gay rights. Seriously, the national ratio of 8 to 300 million is like a 37 to 1 ratio and 2 to 1 regarding viewers of your show. Do you really think 8 million gays are watching the Walking Dead, and – that if Daryl goes gay, you’ll increase your ratings? Is AMC going to go down in history as the network that was responsible for expanding the gay rights movement? – to help increase the spread of HIV and other transmittable diseases? – suicides? – therapy for the kids? – all great things to aspire too? So who are you going to appease? – a handful of radical gay activists who own you?
    Your policies claim in your terms and license that young children thirteen and below shouldn’t be subject to the show – disclaimers. Do you really think young kids aren’t watching? Are you satisfied to realize that the gay agenda exercised via Daryl’s character will help to shape the lives of these young people for the sake of a few radical gays? The program is entertainment, fiction, possibilities, hope, survival, etc. – NOT ABOUT THE GAY AGENDA!
    There does seem to be a slight increase in the homosexual community over the last few years, so maybe AMC can help to spread the good news by promoting the issue through Daryl’s character. I, however, will help to reduce the viewing audience from 16 million to 15, 999,999.

    Just thought you should know – sincerely, Dean


    August 24, 2014 at 12:54 pm

  2. roc

    I’m not a homophobe but I don’t want my favorite character to end up being gay I’m sorry but I relate to him I’m a loner who’s a lil damaged too and I ain’t gay I feel like if they do that its alienating the fan base its not right saying all guys who keep to themselves are closet gays its not right they should keep him a damaged loner who will slowly find a relationship with a female I like his character the way it is don’t ruin that for us fans AMC please if u want a gay dude in the show add one just not Daryl it would be the dummest move you could make AMC


    September 12, 2014 at 5:25 pm

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