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This is just how much AMC is in control right now when it comes to “The Walking Dead” fans: They can release a teaser of just eleven seconds that shows off almost no new footage at all, and yet still set off the fans into a frenzy.

This is the only real thing that you can take from the short video below, which is really less than the time mentioned given that almost half of it is a reminder about when the show premieres. You get a little glimpse of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), and then some reminders that terrible things are coming up in Terminus.

One of the reasons why the network is not giving you more right now is simply because they don’t have to. They know that this will still be the most-popular show on cable regardless of how much footage that they show. However, at the same time there is also something greater that goes along with this. There is something beyond Terminus that the show clearly does not want you to see for the time being, and they will keep at least that part of the equation a secret for a little while. Eventually, this season will become somewhat of a story about the characters on the road again, trying to head to Washington to see if they can really cure the zombie virus that has taken the world by storm. The only problem that comes along with this is that they are very much at the mercy of Eugene, and whether or not this guy is actually telling the truth.

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Photo: AMC



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