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Prairie Nerds: ‘Walking Dead’ creator delivers hot new project

Kirkman introduced “The Walking Dead” to the masses as a black-and-white comic book in 2003. It’s so good that you find yourself caring about what happens to people who are drawn on pages. Really.

“The Walking Dead” graduated to TV series in 2010 and instantly became more popular than money and food. Meanwhile, back issues of the comics (copies are not plentiful) went through the roof. Someone’s got a 9.8 graded copy of “The Walking Dead” No. 1 on eBay and the asking price is $2,199 or best offer. There are no bids, but 18 folks are interested enough to be “watching.”

That helps to explain this:

Kirkman’s new venture (with artist Paul Azaceta) is a comic book about demonic possession. Outcast No. 1 has sold out not just once, but four times, according to a press release issued today. The fourth printing will be available Sept. 10 and the book is being rushed into another print run. The second issue, meanwhile, is up to two printings.

Maybe folks are buying “Outcast” because they have faith Kirkman posseses the touch of Midas. Maybe they’re buying it because it’s a good read (it is, in my opinion). And maybe some folks buying it are speculators who are crossing their fingers the book will soar in price like early copies of “The Walking Dead.”

Like the zombie comic, “Outcast” may get a boost from TV exposure. Cinemax has green-lighted an “Outcast” pilot episode for a series. Kirkman will serve as executive producer.



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