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The Walking Dead: Why I Believe Michonne is the Best Character

Okay, let’s get one thing straight right away: Daryl Dixon (portrayed by Norman Reedus) is totally badass! Everyone loves Daryl Dixon, everyone. Heck, even using the word “everyone” makes it sound like a huge understatement, because if animals could watch and understand the show, they would most definitely learn to love Daryl just as much as we zombie-enthused humans do.

I mean, why wouldn’t you love Daryl Dixon? The guy wields his patented crossbow like only a professional can, he can live out in the wild thanks in large part to his excellent hunting skills, he is a man’s best friend when it comes to surviving in a zombie apocalyptic world, and he is just so totally badass. If he dies, everyone will riot, plain and simple.

However, I have actually come to like Michonne (portrayed by Danai Gurira) a bit more than Daryl (“OMG, you’re kidding, right?” NO!!!). Why, you ask? Well, here are my reasons why:

She uses a katana

I am almost always attracted to characters that know how to fight with swords. Sword fighting, to me, is much more interesting to watch than gun fighting, or any other kind of fighting, for that matter. I do love hand-to-hand combat (without weapons) as well, but watching two master swordsmen duel one another is something that is especially intriguing to me. Watching a master swords-woman decapitating zombies is even better.

In a zombie apocalypse, one general guideline for survival seems to be to carry a gun that is capable of firing multiple rounds at a time, like the ones Rick Grimes (portrayed by Andrew Lincoln) and his son, Carl Grimes (portrayed by Chandler Riggs), used to eliminate the walkers that were trying to enter the prison back in season three:

But, Michonne has proven that a sword works just as well, if not better, as swords do not jam or run out of bullets. Of course, a sword needs to be sharpened every so often, but it evidently works effectively against a horde of walkers:

She is compassionate, as well as vicious

Michonne could make a convincing villain if she wanted to be one. Her katana is dangerously lethal, and she is skilled enough to be able to use it against anyone who threatens her, like this guy, for instance:

Also, she has enough knowledge to outsmart anyone, including Rick, Daryl and the rest in their group, in a way that the Governor was not able to. In fact, the Governor relied more on brute force to intimidate his foes, rather than using strategic planning methods to figure out his enemies’ vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Michonne, on the contrary, would definitely use her very intelligent brain to defeat her foes. She already knows how to survive that world on her own, as she had been doing that for quite some time before she met and joined Andrea (portrayed by Laurie Holden) back in season three:

        The woman next to Michonne is Rowan
The woman next to Michonne is Rowan

She could use that knowledge against someone who might not be as adept as her. In short, Michonne could become the most dangerous opponent for Rick and his group.

However, we all know that Michonne is nowhere near becoming a villain, as she has come to truly care for Rick, Carl, and the rest:

She is vicious when she has to be, but she is caring and protective as well. This, in my opinion, makes her a very important ally for Rick, and if she were to be killed, it would be difficult to replace her.

Her backstory is interesting

Out of all the characters who’s respective backstories have been revealed – to a certain extent, at least – Michonne’s is the most interesting one to me. Although not a whole lot has been divulged about her past, we can somewhat understand why she has become so willingly independent (not so much now, though) and fierce.

Like many of the characters in the show, she lost a lot of people she loved, including her son Andre and her boyfriend Mike:

Unlike some of the characters, though, she was left completely alone in that brutal and barbaric world.

Michonne undoubtedly blamed herself harshly for the loss of her son, and that terrible tragedy led to an apparent aversion towards babies. In the season four episode “Infected,” Beth Greene (portrayed by Emily Kinney) asked her to hold baby Judith for a while, to which Michonne reluctantly agreed to do so.

But, holding the baby reminded her of her own son, and she therefore started crying as she was hugging Judith:

This happened before her backstory was unveiled, which was in the season four mid-season premiere episode, “After.” At the time, though, her reaction to baby Judith gave us a good idea of the struggles Michonne must have gone through before joining Rick’s group.

As a result, she apparently taught herself to trust no one, and to rely only on herself in order to continue surviving that zombie apocalyptic world as long as possible. A not-so-strong-hearted character with her same tribulations might have given up on the world, but not Michonne. Somewhere along the way, she must have decided to stay strong and continue fighting, perhaps for the sake of making her loved ones proud.

To conclude, I like Michonne enough to be able to share with you all countless reasons why she is my favorite ‘TWD’ character. But, I will not bore you all with so many of them. The three reasons I stated above are, in fact, my top three.

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