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Silent Hills and New The Walking Dead Game! – Gamescom 2014 – Video

“Silent Hill is returning as the game developer announced he is working with director Guillermo del Toro on the next installment in the horror franchise. The horror game P.T. that we saw in Sony’s show yesterday was actually an interactive game announcement. Developer 7780s Studio released the demo and described it as, “The world’s first interactive teaser.”

You can download it yourself from the Playstation Store if you want to try it. It features weird radio transmissions and some weird looking creatures. Silent Hills will be the 10th installment in the long-running franchise and it will star The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus.

Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, will be collaborating with Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios to create a cooperative Walking Dead game! In the trailer released today, Kirkman said he was a huge fan of PayDay 2 and it’s cooperative gameplay, and thought they would be great to partner with Skybound Entertainment. .
Starbreeze’s CEO said they, “will bring The Walking Dead into the world of first-person shooter co-op games,” and that is will be, “gameplay focused, ferocious, and bring chaos to the traditional industry model.” We don’t know much else about Overkill’s The Walking Dead except that it will be coming in sometime in 2016 when Washington Falls.

During the press conference Bioware took the stage to announce their new action RPG called Shadow Realms from their Austin studio. You may have seen some of the teasers going around which lead some to believe Bioware was making some kind of horror game, or perhaps a dark superhero game of some sort. Studio General Manager Jeff Hickman said the game is, “Set in a modern fantasy world, featuring heroes that wouldn’t look out of place in this room, Shadow Realms is the only online RPG that offers dynamic, cooperative 4 versus 1 gameplay. It’s a story driven game that pits you and your party against a player controlled enemy, a malevolent force called the Shadow Lord…You’ll have the chance to play as or against the insidious one…The overarching narrative of the world will be released episodically playing out over time like a great TV series…Each new episode will be experienced together by the community as it’s released.”

It will be coming to PC late next year but there is also a build playable at Gamescom but if you aren’t in Germany you can go to and sign up for the closed alpha happening later this year.”


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