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Walking Dead Season 5 Release Date & Spoilers – Is Daryl Dixon Gay? Creator Reveals Twist

In “The Walking Dead” Season 5, expect a bigger view of the zombie apocalypse, producers say. (Photo : AMCTV.COM)

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“The Walking Dead” season 5 premiere is less than two months away, and takes place on Oct. 12 on the AMC channel.  With the premier day so close, more rumors and spoilers are swirling around, especially a rumor that Daryl Dixon, the archer, might be gay and another rumor that Carl may lose an eye this season. One of the spoilers from the upcoming season says that broadcasting woman from Terminus will become a zombie. The star of the show, Andrew Lincoln has described the first episode as the most ambitious ever attempted in the show’s short history.

The website has cast attention on the question of main character Daryl Dixon’s sexuality and that he might be gay. “ says the question was asked in the letter column of “The Walking Dead” #130. A fan reportedly noted the possible parallel between Daryl and a character from the comics named Jesus,” the website reported.
Show and comic book creator, Robert Kirkman responded to the comment. The fact that the Jesus character is strong-willed and powerful and gay and in some ways resembles Daryl might not be a mistake. “We’ll tackle it in the show,” Kirkman responded, saying that the show creators had specific ideas about Daryl’s sexual orientation. The crossbow hunter has been linked to Carol and Beth, but it’s not clear if he had anything beyond friendship with them.

“But would AMC let something like that fly?” asked. “According to Kirkman, “For the record, they absolutely would.” That second response might imply that what he said about this being “discussed” may include conversations with the network about the possibility of Daryl being gay.”
The season is still being filmed, according to reports, and won’t finish until November. According to a recent interview with producer Tom Luse, the new season could give a view of how the entire world has been affected by the zombie invasion, instead of just the local environment of the characters.
There’s word that the TV show set in Senoia, Georgia has a big wall built around some houses, which could become the Alexandria Safe-Zone from the comic books.  In the comics a crazy shootout with zombies accidentally strike Carl Grimes, Rick’s son, and Carl ends up losing part of his face and an eye. Carl was previously shot and nearly died in earlier seasons of the show, but survived. There’s no telling what could happen, since “The Walking Dead” television show doesn’t always copy what’s in the comic books, but as fans point out, there are many times when the show does copy the books. We’ll see in Season 5 of “The Walking Dead,” in the fall.


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