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TELEVISION and pop culture reporter JORDAN JANSEN looks at the predictions for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (season 2)

The Walking Dead (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


ZOMBIE apocalypse TV show The Walking Dead has become an unexpected phenomenon around the world with the recently announced season five containing sixteen thrilling episodes full of gore, love and surprises with a mid season split debuting on October 12 and the final eight in the beginning of 2015.

Part two of Season four had Rick and his people seperate after the prison massacre, causing everyone coincidently re-grouping at a railway stop and haven called Terminus, where “those who arrive, survive.” The original comics tell that this sanctuary at the end of the train tracks is the home of cannibals, yet this was not supported with evidence in the season four finale aside from a pile of apparent human bones which in a zombie apocalypse, there is no shortage. Thanks to the gunfire of the Terminus folk who shoot no better than a storm trooper, Rick and his group were led and trapped inside an old railroad carriage. In summary, things really aren’t looking too good.

Producer/writer Scott Gimple revealed a few hints as to where the show may be headed in season five, noting that for the first time ever they will not be jumping ahead in time and will be straight back into the railway container, plotting their escape. Gimple also revealed there will be a lot more action, we will find out what happened to Beth, and there will be a whole new romance created. He also confirms that we will see Morgan Jones again who featured with his son in the pilot episode, and again with Carl in Season 3.

Now all we can do is wait and see what lengths Rick and his people are willing to go through to fight back. “This group is battle-hardened and ready for anything” says David Alpert. Every character has been through some very heavy stuff this season so it will be quite interesting to see if their plan will be a success, or completely derail. Lauren Cohen and Andrew Lincoln add “We know that there is no way it’s not going to be an explosive beginning to Season 5, it’s gonna be messy. It’s gonna be brutal. It’s gonna be thrilling, how these guys get out of this scrape.”


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