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Is Daryl Dixon Gay, Going To Die, OR In Love With Beth?

Is Daryl Dixon Gay, Going To Die, OR In Love With Beth?

Wow what will they say next? Let’s not forget Norman Reedus not being in almost any of the cast photos. He was in one promotional group shot that was supposedly decided not to be used. Below on the left is the promo photo they used, the one on the right with Daryl in it was not used (yet still somehow leaked).


THEN their were these cast shots:

Norman Reedus is obviously in none of these. Though I was unable to find a reason why…and finding TWD news is what I do.


Yet you have to wonder with Daryl Dixon being the most popular character on the show, he would be the perfect tool for a media buzz! There is not this much buzz about any other character, not even close. Let’s not mention the new Silent Hills game he is the main character in.


There is one fact that is absolutely 100% true, all the ‘rumors’ cannot be true. There is a real good chance NONE are true, but we will have to wait to find out. BUT here are a few observations…take them or leave them.


I don’t think Daryl is gay, he has not shown one tiny hint of it. Not in any way, shape, form, or fashion. He was an abused young man who just doesn’t do to good relating to anyone really man or woman. We already know how Merle was, heard horrible things about their father, and we never heard anything about a mother being around. With women though you have the emotion, and affection…two things I believe he has no idea how to deal with, but is learning through this nightmare they are now having to endure.


Now to Daryl and Beth and a possible relationship. I don’t believe that will happen either. Even if he was developing feelings for her he would never let it show or let himself nurture those feeling allowing them to grow. When it comes right down to it, like Rick (his brother), Daryl Dixon is a protector of the group plain and simple. He knows nothing can impede or impair that responsibility, which is exactly what a relationship would do. So…even though Daryl beginning to develop feelings for Beth is not out of the realm of possibility. I really do not think he would ever let go any further, and he may even pull back or distance himself (emotionally) from Beth. Just like he did with Carol!


NOW WILL DARYL DIXON DIE!? The short answer is of course he could. Why not, look at the world they live in. AMC and the powers that be do not seem to have a problem killing off main characters.


ON THE OTHER HAND! I think the network would suffer for that terrible decision. I don’t just think, I KNOW they would lose viewers, and they would lose them out of pure spite. Viewers jumping ship if that happens is another topic that’s creating it’s own little buzz on the Internet. I’m sure their research department is well aware of this, though my belief is they may not be taking it as seriously as they should. My guess is they believe a good part of the percentage that leave over his death will quickly return to the story they love.


I think they may be in for a big surprise if they do kill him off the show. If even a fraction of the buzz becomes reality they will lose a good percentage for good.


SO HEY, AMC EXECS…USE YOUR HEADS. The Walking Dead changed your network, there is no ‘Walking Dead’ without Daryl. At least not for now. So I tell you what, instead of killing him off, give him a raise!


Leave me a comment and let me know what you think?

4 responses

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  3. Len R

    Daryl seemed “intrigued” by Martinez and seemed to want to get to “know him” more so than with Beth or Carol and clearly has a man crush on Rick


    August 19, 2014 at 11:40 am

  4. Diana

    I don’t think Daryl is gay, I just think he has trust issues and probably hasn’t ever experienced or witnessed a good example of a truly loving faithful relationship. With a physically abusive father and verbally abusive older brother, constantly criticizing him, his worth and masculinity I think it will take a long time for him to open up to a women and become vulnerable on that level.


    August 23, 2014 at 3:08 pm

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