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Walking Dead Season 5 Zombies Are Totally Dangerous and Disgusting

In the buildup to The Walking Dead Season 5 we’ve heard all sorts of stuff from the cast and crew about the themes, tone and bloody violence of the new season, but what we haven’t heard much about is the undead.

The walkers are an integral and scary part of life in the TWD universe, and the good news is, the flesh-eaters in Season 5 might just be the most disgusting, dangerous and terrifying yet.

Here’s the Godfather of the undead, FX guru Greg Nicotero to explain:

After Season 3, one of my concerns was making sure the walkers still were a relevant threat. If you have a monster and you take the teeth out, it doesn’t serve much of a purpose any more. A direct result of that was the big spot scene, where the zombies are coming through the ceiling. It was an idea that Scott came up with after we had that conversation — ‘Wow, isn’t it cool that you can take our people who are trained survivalists, but put them in a situation that they couldn’t possibly be prepared for.’ We’ve done some stuff this season that far exceeds even the burned walkers and the crispy critters and the well walker and the moss walker. I feel like those are the appetizers to some of the stuff we’ve done.

In case you need reminding who the burned walkers were, these are the barbecued bastards:

  Can I get a side order of coleslaw with that?
Can I get a side order of coleslaw with that?

The moss walker was also hanging around in Season 4:

  Moss don't grow on a rollin' walker...
Moss don’t grow on a rollin’ walker…

And who could possibly forget the fat, rotten mess that was Season 2’s “Well Walker“:


So what undead horrors await us in The Walking Dead Season 5? Well, according to the trailer, it looks like we could be in for some more water-based nastiness, with these “Flood Walkers”:

WTF is that?
WTF is that?
What lurks beneath?
What lurks beneath?

Need more convincing about the undead threat in Season 5? Here’s Norman Reedus with the final word:

There’s crazy walkers this season. We just did some stuff that was insane. I’m constantly blown away by this team.

Roll on October.

SOURCE –,manual#bCOw1e


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