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Norman Reedus Girlfriend [PHOTOS] Is The 45-Year-Old Actor Dating ‘Walking Dead’ Costar Emily Kinney?


Norman Reedus‘ dating exploits have always been a hot topic online ever since his career was given a boost through his casting as Daryl Dixon on AMC’s hit series. Apart from making headlines every now and then for his acting, there is also another thing that fans are trying to figure out about the actor‘s private life: who is Norman Reedus’ girlfriend?

According to WetPaint, nobody can really tell if Reedus is off the market right now. But given his good looks and undeniable sex appeal, Norman Reedus could be dating someone secretly though he is not one to share details about it.
While early speculations claim that Norman Reedus’ girlfriend is Cecilia Singley, sources have come out recently to reveal that Reedus is actually dating his “Walking Dead” costar Emily Finney.
Finney is said to be the latest girlfriend of the actor, who once shared a five-year romance with Victoria’s Secret model Helena Christensen, from 1998 to 2003.
Christensen and Reedus even have a child together named Mingus Lucien Reedus, who was born on October 13, 1999.
Meanwhile, following his romance with Christensen, Reedus dated remarkably beautiful women.
He shared a two-year relationship with Jarah Mariano before he was linked to Singley, according to WhosDatedWho.
Singley, 24, even made headlines in early 2013 for allegedly dating the actor who is almost twice her age.
Nevertheless, in October that year, though Reedus and Singley were spotted hanging out in New York, the actor insisted that he’s “single.” Thus, rumors that Singley was Norman Reedus’ girlfriend ultimately ended.
Following which, he was rumored to share a passionate relationship with Laurie Holden, but no one came out to confirm the news and even the actor himself didn’t address the issue whether Holden is Norman Reedus’ girlfriend.
In mid-2013, rumors that Reedus and his 29-year-old singing costar Kinney are dating surfaced. Photographs of the two hanging out occasionally have also compelled everyone to believe that they may indeed be dating.
However, just like some of his previous relationships, it seems that Reedus is tight-lipped, leading many to question if he and Kinney are still together.
Insiders claim that they still are, but so far no news about them being spotted dating broke this year. Thus, it’s either Kinney is still Norman Reedus’ girlfriend and they are good at hiding their relationship away from the public’s eyes or they have completely broken up and they have chosen not to reveal it at all.



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