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‘Walking Dead’ season 5 spoilers: Actor clarifies Daryl-Beth romance

2f2e0-beth_e_daryl_the_walking_dead_season_4_episode_1_by_twdimagenshd-d731rav-650x364In an exclusive photo released by Fox International Channels and AMC, Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus) is seen clutching his iconic crossbow. ‘The Walking Dead‘ Season 5 premieres October 12th.CREDITS: The Walking Dead Season 5/AMC Promotional Media, Fox International Channels.

In an exclusive interview with Zap2It, ‘Walking Dead’ executive producer Gale Ann Hurd reveals that Season 5 will be marked by twists, more challenges, and more major deaths.

Those who follow the series may recall that in season 4, fan favorites Herschel and Karen died under horrific circumstances.

“It wouldn’t be ‘The Walking Dead’ without some tears. And no, I’m not going to say,” Hurd adds.

However, when asked whether Daryl and Beth will ever find themselves in a romantic episode, Hurd admits that no matter who they pair Daryl with, they might never appease Daryl’s loyal fans:

“There are the people who want him to hook up with Beth, there are the people who never wanted him to hook up because he’s got to save himself for them,” she hinted.

Fans may not expect to see a Daryl-Beth relationship in the earlier parts of the season, but the Walking Dead has always been one to surprise.

Actor Norman Reedus, however, gave a different reply when asked whether the Daryl-Beth tandem will ever materialize:

“This is how I took it, doing it. I took it like, if Daryl had feelings for Beth, he didn’t understand them. So he was like a child, like, ‘I don’t understand what this means.’ But, it was more intimate than a coupling,” Reedus revealed to SheKnows, back at the 2014 Comic-Con.

With two different opinions about how the Daryl-Beth and Daryl-Carol relationships will turn out, fans can expect a series of surprises as the show progresses.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 resumes filming in Atlanta and will premiere on October 12, 2014, on AMC.



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