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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Spoilers: Find Out Why Hershel Will Return In Midseason Finale!

Rick and Hershel

Rick and Hershel before the group lost the prison in the war against the Governor and Hershel ultimately lost his life in the Season 4 midseason finale. AMC

The Season 5 premiere of “The Walking Dead” is fast approaching, and with an October premiere date set, the first trailer revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, fans are more eager than ever for news and spoilers! That’s why when “The Spoiling Dead Fans” reported some news on recent cast sightings fans heads almost exploded, especially considering that cast member was Hershel, and he was “Walking Dead.” (See what I did there) But seriously, the website filled with spoilers and filming news revealed that multiple fans reported seeing actor Scott Wilson, who portrayed the heroic and stoic Hershel Greene on the series before his untimely death, leaving his daughter Maggie and Beth to fend for themselves amidst a zombie apocalypse.

The post stated, “Multiple confirmations of Scott Wilson aka Hershel being on set today! Now why would he be there……….death anyone?” The post is referring to the series’ tradition of hosting “death dinners,” normally when a major cast member is killed off of the series, the cast and crew reunites and enjoys a meal to send off their fallen actor or actress. The death dinner theory could be correct, obviously Scott Wilson’s arrival on set makes fans excited, but the timing is also right for a major character death. The day Scott Wilson was reported to be on set was the same day that “The Walking Dead” was filming Season 5 Episode 8, the highly anticipated midseason finale. The Season 4 midseason finale was the exact episode where Hershel ultimately lost his life, but not to zombies instead in a war against the Governor and his new army. However, TWD show runner Scott Gimple did make reference to changing up the formula for episode sequence this season. In an attempt to keep fans on their toes, he stated that he has resisted the urge to fall into a predictable pattern when producing new episodes. So does that mean no death in the Season 5 midseason finale? Possibly.

Another possible explanation for Scott Wilson’s arrival on set in Georgia could be a flashback. Fans have seen flashbacks before most notably with Lori’s return after her death giving birth to Judith. Lori’s ghost or flashback haunted Rick in the prison for multiple episodes. While Hershel isn’t necessarily the haunting type, it could be possible for him to return in dreams or visions to any number of current cast members most specifically Beth, Maggie, Glenn or even Rick.

What do you think of Scot Wilson’s return to the “Walking Dead” set? Do you think he is their for a death dinner of another major character, or could Hershel be returning to the zombie apocalypse in a flashback?



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