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‘The Walking Dead’ Producer Greg Nicotero And Norman Reedus Promise Crazier Walkers In Season 5

With roughly two months before “The Walking DeadSeason 5 premiere, fans of the hit AMC post-apocalyptic drama have already been spoiled with several details about the upcoming installment, but a few pieces of information have been dished about the show’s ever-present threat – the walkers.

Viewers of the show were promised last year that walkers in Season 4 would step up and they really did, according to Unreality TV.

But series’ executive producer Greg Nicotero, along with actor Norman Reedus, told Zap2it during group interviews at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that the walkers this upcoming season are going to be a lot crazier.

“There’s crazy walkers this season,” said Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon in the show. “Oh my god. We just did some stuff that was insane. Like, insane. I’m constantly blown away by this team over here.”

“We’ve done some stuff this season that far exceeds even the burn walkers, the crispy guys – and the well walker, the moss walker that’s trapped under the tree – I feel like those were all sort of appetizers to some of the stuff we’ve done [in Season 5],” Nicotero teased. “I love putting those little things in there.”

Nicotero added that after the third season of the show one of his biggest concerns was to make sure that the walkers would remain a relevant threat to every character. “If you have a monster and you take its teeth out, it doesn’t really serve much of a purpose anymore,” he explained.

Nicoreto is apparently proud of one scene in the Season 5 trailer, in which some of the walkers are showed being washed away with a fire hose. And since the pressure of the hose is so high, the walkers drop to the floor, and get shredded to pieces.

“It’s never been done,” Nicotero said. “I defy anyone to tell me there’s a movie where they use a fire hose to blast zombies into pieces. I do really feel like the show elevates those moments, and those moments are fun and exciting. We have a lot of those this season.”

Speaking of the show’s Season 5 trailer, Nicotero told Yahoo TV that they were very conscious that they did not want to give too much away. He also said that they decided to let the fans know that Beth (Emily Kinney) is alive primarily because they wanted to “open up the world.”

“The Beth bit was something that came up later in the process of doing the trailer, because we wanted to open up the world,” he explained. “The world of ‘The Walking Dead’ is really important to us in terms of always keeping it fresh. And we see a bit of Terminus and we see a bit of the church, and as we were editing the trailer, we were like, ‘Wait, we have some great moments that we can tease: being in an urban environment and getting into opening up our world.'”

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 premieres on Oct. 12 on AMC.



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