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‘The Walking Dead’ Giveaway Sweepstakes – AMC Offers Limited Edition Electric Guitar & Season 4 Blu-Ray Set!

Before the fifth season of The Walking Dead starts, AMC is offering its viewers a chance to win limited edition prizes. In the ‘Dead Giveaway’ Sweepstakes, the hit network channel, that has brought us Breaking Bad and Hell On Wheels, will be sending out exclusive rewards that no TWD fan should miss out on.

In the previous season 4, while the group was living inside their fortified prison, no one knew danger would actually from within. While the survivors became victims of a deadly disease, The Governor (David Morrissey) was slowly making his way back to the site. No one was prepared for the fallout that would happen when the Governor struck back with full force.

As reported here, the fifth season trailer debuted at the recent Comic-Con. When we last saw Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the others, they were trapped inside an abandoned train container. Things might not go so well from there, as we mentioned that Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) looks like he’s in for a world of hurt.

In the sweepstakes, the first five grand prize winners will receive a limited edition electric guitar. See if you can play the TWD theme on your new guitar. This is definitely something you want to show off to all your undead friends.

Ten first prize winners will get their hands on the limited edition Season 4 Blu-Ray set. Watch your favorite episodes before everyone else heads to the stores on August 26. 100 second place winners will receive an exclusive TWD T-shirt from Entertainment Weekly.

All you have to do is enter right here.


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