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Telltale Games Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 ‘No Going Back’ Release Date Revealed On Gamescom 2014! Final Episode Launches On September 23!

The Walking Dead Game Season 2
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Telltale games’ The Walking Dead season 2 episode 5 release date has been set on September 23 as revealed on Gamescom 2014.

Telltale Games‘ much-loved series The Walking Dead is well into its second season, with the fifth episode, No going back, being launched on September 23.

But this “coming soon” is going to be this September 23, 2014 as according to the report of gaming news site, Cyberland.

There are five episodes in total in the second season of the game. After the end of each The Walking Dead adventure game episode, Telltale Games is nice enough to include a teaser trailer for the next episode however this wasn’t the case this time though.

What we know so far is that in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 is that Clementine has been reunited with her group and they go on the road to finally continue their trip up to the cold North to the Wellington safe camp, where the zombies move slow and they can all live happily ever after. Unless of course every character you like dies, because that’s how The Walking Dead likes to roll.

The only other clues are the trophy/achievement names, which are famous quotes & poems.

1. “Blood and Iron” (Silver Tropy/10 Gamerscore) – Made it out alive.

2. “Miles to go” (Bronze Tropy/10 Gamerscore) – Took a breather.

3. “Right of Frost” (Bronze Tropy/10 Gamerscore) – Stopped for the night.

4. “Center Cannot Hold” (Silver Tropy/10 Gamerscore) – Reach the other side.

5. “All the Dark Night” (Bronze Tropy/10 Gamerscore) – Made it through to morning.

6. “We Slowly Drove” (Bronze Tropy/10 Gamerscore) – Reached the terminus.

7. “Kindly Stop for Me” (Silver Tropy/15 Gamerscore) – Found your way through.

8. “All the Dead Lie Down” (Silver Tropy/25 Gamerscore) – Completed Episode 5: “No Going Back”.



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