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The Walking Dead Season 5 Rumor: Minor Terminus Character Is In [Spoilers] Episodes, Dies Twice

San Diego Comic-Con International
San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The big The Walking Dead Season 5 Comic-Con trailer showed a decent amount of Terminus, but it’s not clear how much time we’ll spend there. Initial filming spoilers made it seem like Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group might be gone pretty fast in the storyline, but then they returned to Terminus a bit later, to do who knows what. The trailer also showed the group out in the woods and in a church, so The Powers That Be are fine with us knowing they get free … although they never stay free of trouble.

Just before Comic-Con, The Spoiling Dead Fans shared some spoiler tidbits they were tracking, including that BBQ queen Mary (Denise Crosby) had died at some point in the first half. They didn’t know how or when. Now there’s a rumor about another character, from a post on Reddit. (The star and character were mentioned on Reddit, but we’ll try to keep it vague here.) 
Apparently one of the minor Terminus characters, who was definitely seen on screen in the Season 4 finale, is also a teacher and told his/her students that he/she is “in 4 episodes, and gets killed both as a human and a zombie.” The poster added, “I was in the class, so this is a first hand account.” If true, it’s not a very discreet thing to pass along to your students (rabid spoiler-loving fans are everywhere!), but maybe they figured they were already off the show, and it’s not a major role, so no big deal. 
But, supposing it’s true, that would suggest an extended amount of screen time for some (all?) Terminus characters. It’s not clear if they meant four episodes total, including the S4 finale, or four in Season 5 itself. But it suggests the Termites aren’t completely exterminated in one episode. The trailer only showed Gareth outside of Terminus, although he could’ve been speaking to anyone. Maybe his T-town friends were just edited out. We only see him in front of Bob and Rick in Terminus, with some creepy guys in his crew. Will those guys die at the same time as this other supporting character, or do some people survive with Gareth? Maybe this supporting character who gets killed as a human and zombie is actually one of the lucky ones who lasts longer, and maybe even goes with Gareth to the church of the trailer?
At any rate, it’s another interesting little piece to add to the still very mysterious Terminus puzzle.
The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.
Source: Reddit


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