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The Walking Dead Season 5: Love Will Be Brewing and Zombies Will Abound

During a recent interview with The Walking Dead‘s Executive Producer, Writer and Showrunner Scott M. Gimple by a reporter from AMC, he revealed many details about Season 5 and compared it to Season 4, hinting — among many other topics — that love will be brewing between two of the characters. Of course, zombies will still abound and be the paramount danger the characters face on a daily basis. Gimple wrote the Season 4 Finale, “A” and the premiere episode of Season 5.
Have no fear, fans of The Walking Dead — there will still be zombies and action galore in Season Five. As Scott M. Gimple put it, love and romance will not “be an element in a huge part of the season,” but when love enters into the plot, according to Gimple, “it’s going to become more of a reality and a complication.”

Besides mentioning that love will be a factor during Season 5 of The Walking Dead, Gimple also mentioned that interweaving all of the various characters’ story lines was both a “pleasure,” and “a challenge.” He added that Season 5 will be “a very ambitious season in terms of scope.” The season will be split up, like Season 4 was, starting out with eight episodes airing on Sunday evenings.
Also, Scott M. Gimple said when a character dies on The Walking Dead, “the story led to that point.” The death of a character might seem to be “shocking and totally random,” but as Gimple phrased it and fans have come to know, death is “a reality of the world,” that the characters of The Walking Dead live in.
Fans of The Walking Dead often ponder which of the characters they would like on their “team” if they were ever placed in a situation similar to that which the characters of the series find themselves in — attempting to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies roam. Each of the characters possesses certain unique skill sets that have enabled them to survive for as long as they have, though some of the characters seem better suited for surviving under extreme conditions than the others.

When Scott M. Gimple was asked who he would want to be on his team, at first, he stated that he did not “want to play favorites,” but then he named a few names, almost in spite of himself. He said that some of the characters he would like on his team would include Michonne, Daryl, Tara and Rick. He jokingly suggested that, as “Michonne is really good at cutting,” she might be a natural at making sushi.
Unlike much of Season 4 of The Walking Dead, Gimple said that Season 5 will have plots involving most of the characters back together again, rather than being separated from each other. The characters will still face very trying and difficult situations. However, they will not be going at it alone, wondering if the other characters are even still alive.

At the beginning of Season 5 of The Walking Dead, Tyreese, Judith and Carol will not yet be with the others. But, according to Gimple, the other characters will be “pretty much together and that’s a stark difference.” The characters will have “more support” that they will get from each other. Gimple warns that “things are going to get extremely brutal” for the characters. They will, as he said, “need to lean on each other quite a bit.”
Executive Producer, Writer and Showrunner Scott M. Gimple was not clear about if it is this necessity for characters to “lean” on each other in The Walking Dead that leads two of them to becoming romantically involved. He did state that love is a part of human nature, though, sometimes complementing and at other times compromising survival.
Written By Douglas Cobb
Sources: The Walking Dead “Dispatches From the Set”



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