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‘The Walking Dead’ season 5: Carol will have bigger role than trailer suggests

When “The Walking Dead” season 5 trailer was released, many fans noticed that Carol only appeared for a brief time at the beginning. This caused some fans to worry about her possible death. Some fans posted a still of someone standing behind some bushes and wondered if that was her. On Aug. 7, The Huffington Post revealed that fans don’t have to worry about her too much.
The trailer was designed not to reveal too many spoilers. Some say that it was set up to mislead fans.

However, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd said that Carol not appearing more often in the trailer was not intentional. Hurd did say that if the video is blown up, at least part of her might be able to be seen. Perhaps it was Carol peering out from behind the bushes.
It was also revealed that Carol will have a bigger role than the trailer lets on and The Spoiling Dead Fans did post some great information about the actress and her stunt double some time ago. It was reported that Carol was hit by a car with a cross on the rear window, the same type of cross that kidnapped Beth. Two people exited the vehicle and one was a female dressed as a police officer. Now that fans have seen the trailer, it makes sense that the woman from the car is probably the same one who slapped Beth at the hospital.

Walker Stalkers (fans that go to the filming locations on a regular basis) also said that when Carol sees the people exit the car, she faints. Carol may have started off being vulnerable, but over the past few years she has really toughened up. Carol is not the fainting type and it is most likely an act. People are going to let their guard down a bit if they think that their victim is passed out.

It doesn’t seem that Carol would know that these same people had Beth. Carol, Tyreese and the baby have been separated from Team Prison and Daryl and Beth for quite some time. Perhaps she didn’t think that she could take them by herself or maybe there is another reason why she let the abductors take her.

As for what the deal is with the hospital, in the trailer the female officer tells Beth that she is part of the system. Beth is seen trying to hold a patient down who appears to be suffering some sort of seizure. She has blood on her arm and Beth has a bandage on her wrist. Later, Beth looks defiantly at the officer, who strikes her hard across the face. The weak, nervous and emotional Beth is gone it seems. Viewers might be surprised at how this experience will change Beth into a stronger person.

The question is why are they kidnapping people, particularly girls and women? What exactly is “the system?” Some fans have a theory that they are experimenting on people to try and find a cure for the zombie virus. There was also someone on Facebook who speculated that the hospital and Terminus are connected.

What do you think Carol’s storyline will be in “The Walking Dead” season 5? Why are there women and girls being kidnapped? Are they performing some sort of experiments on them? Fans will have to wait to find out when the series premieres on AMC on Oct. 12.


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